Mailing Address in Mexico

Elder Oliver Philip Hulme
Guadalajara East Mission
AV. 18 de Marzo #3088
Colonia las a Aguilas
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
CP 45080

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Skype 5/11/2014

Here are three 2-minute videos of our Skyping with Oli.

The people here look for every excuse to get drunk, mothers day was a day full of plastered children of god.

We have been visiting a few of the past investigators, in the last couple weeks, three of them are investigating the church once again, but once again to our surprise, every single one of them lives with their boyfriend or girlfriend, so that makes it al a mess, again.

Talking with you guys yesterday was the happiest, you all look like 1000000 bucks (that is a million).

My companion asked me how to make tea this week. I explained that after you get the water hot, you put the bag of tea in the water, and wait until it doesn't burn you. we are all learning lots together.

Mom sent me dark chocolate and I don't know if there has ever been a more holy substance that has entered into my mouth in the past few weeks.

You cats already know that all is well because we talked, yesterday.

I Love this gospel and more than anything that we can share it with the whole world. Every day I am blown away by the miracles that God gives. And all the ways that we can see and feel his love

Love you all tons.
have weeks that are the best ones YAY

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mole & Veggies, Volleyball, Gossip, Package Received

HOWDY. Partners
This week was a good one, all went well. I bought some mole and made it, and put it on a carrot, cucumber, tomato, and cheese, and it was tasty good stuff.

This week was good for us. Things in Eduardo's life is crazy difficult right now. Everything with his girlfriend/wife is just a mess, and she is quite possibly one of the most miserable persons on the planet. But we will get there. He lost his job again, but then found a new one. Pretty much things are going as a fat man on a trampoline. They go really high, and when they hit the mat, they go really low, then higher, then lower. Hopefully all well get caught up in one of the highs.

Today we had a zone activity, and we played some volleyball. Sister Taylor played volleyball her whole life, and whooped our butts. It was super funny. I got sunburnt (mom is going to hate me). 

Right now the whole ward complains a lot about our bishop, the missionaries have become the new source of gossip, because everyone just unleashes on the bishop when the missionaries, get into town. We try to help everyone love one another, but lots of times they do not want to love one another, unless the others love them first. We teach them what Jesus taught, and they don't apply it. (Be teachable people).

This week we had a zone conference, and I got a package. It was the most glorious thing in the whole wide world - loaded with chocolates and goodies, and socks. I love my new socks. Also the painting from noah z j is super great. Also I loved the photos from Xanders and Ari's wedding. Honestly, everyone looked absolutely stunning, and the photos turned out stellar. 

Not too much has gone on this week, but all is well. I love you all 1 ton (2000lbs)(lots).
Read your scriptures, do your prayers, serve the other people that are not as blessed as you are.

elder hULME (all the peeps here say elder hulk becasue of the H U L)

********* Info for mothers day. We will be calling through skype on SUNDAY, May 11. I will be calling at 3pm, Mexico time. (Everyone runs late so please don't go nuts if I call a bit later). I will dig up my old skype account from Christmas and we will do it the same. I'M EXCITED TO SEE YOU KIDS.

Elder De Jesus, he gets it done

Elder Gonzalez, one of the best

The zone as of this week

Elder Mar and Elder McClellan (from Pocatello and goes home Monday)