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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stake Conference, goodies from a baker, last leadership counsel

April 27, 2015

Howdy howdy.
This week was awesome, fast, tiring, hot, sweaty, full of joy, and great.

Our super rad investigator, R, is doing quite well. We had two lessons with her this week in which we took a family of recent converts with us. We were able to figure out her doubt, why she was so against getting baptized for a while, even though she kept on giving us food on Saturdays, and going to church every day. It was because she had a small amount of fear. It was something so simple, that was making her life so complex, in which a small question of "R, are you afraid to be baptized?" solved everything. She now has a baptismal date for the ninth of May, and we are pumped.

Yesterday was stake conference. In attendance was, the temple pres, and his wife of Guadalajara, a seventy and his wife, our mission president, and his wife. It was awesome. We have been giving a lot of follow-up with the missionaries of the zone to work with males that were candidates to receive the melk. priesthood. There were 27 men ordained yesterday. It was not all due to the missionaries, but the normal average in a stake over here is between 7-12, so 27 was STELLAR.

I had divisions in ACAMBARO GUANAJUATO for one day. They have tons of bakereying, and one of the members is a Baker, so she gave us a huge amount of goodies and it was awesome.

My health is super great. This saturday I gave an English class to find new investigators; it didn't work all that well.

We had to clean every part of another missionary's house because we are closing the contract. Today we are meeting with the lady to close it all up.

Mom I could have sworn that I told you - I did in fact get the Easter package. I still have the Cadbury eggs waiting for a sad day, or just a day that is in need of some good old american chocolate.

We are busy busy busy kids. Tomorrow we are heading to Guadalajara for the leadership counsel. Sadly, it is probably my last. Our misión pres. doesn't have anyone finish as a zone leader; he always sends them to train during their last two changes.

I am happy clapppy and undecided as to know where to go to school.

I will get you an answer as fast as I can get an answer.

Sure love you all so much
I pray for you all every day of my life
take care


Clown house, cloud 9, Prados Verdes

April 20, 2015

Our new house is suuuper great. It is yellow and is the clown house. casa de los payasos
I took a picture there before going to church this week.

This week, I woke up on tuesday, and I was 100% sure that a train had hit me, the bug from being sick the weekend before, but this time it had come new and improved. I talked with Sister Camarillo, she told me to go to the doctor. We went to the district meetings of the zone, and then went to the doctor. I had a pretty gnarly stomach infection. It was really fun - any sort of solid food ítem, within 2 minutes of eating it, was instantly turned into liquid, so that was a fun couple of days. I had to be in the house on Tuesday and Wednesday - I slept the whole time I was so sick on Tuesday. And then on Wednesday I was feeling a little bit better. They gave me some pretty strong druggage and then it was all good.

Wednesday was awesome, we had interviews for the whole zone with the presdente, which always turns into a huge all-day event. We got to the stake center at 7am and left at 6pm. wooooooh. But I had once again had an absolutely magnificent and wonderful interview with president Camarillo and he made me feel like a gem again. I think dad was the one who got the majority of it, but last week was a cold and scary place, buuuuut ever since Wednesday I have been on CLOUD 9.

Our area is the best. It is absolutely massive. We are still yet to get to know all of it, but I love it so much. We have some good investigators, and this week we were able to find 7 new ones. It is a bit tricky because we can find people that are willing to listen, but finding the chosen ones, those who really want to progress in the gospel is a whole new game.

The members are super cool. One day one of the sisters knocked on our gate with some sandwiches and some Cokes to eat for some lunch-age BLESSINGS. Today I ate a gazpacho, which is fruity cheesy food common to Morelia.

All is well with my companion. He is the first one I have had that may be a little bit more fabulous than I am. Well, a lot more fabulous. We get along quite well, you just have to avoid his breath. He loves pizza. Like nothing I have never seen, he ate 3 whole ones all by himself this week so that was wild.

My bed is a terrible place. It is rectangular like a normal bed, but in the middle of it there is a huge crater. The good news is, they closed a few areas in the zone, so we have to take all the things out of their house, and I will be inheriting a new mattress, hopefully today if possible.

We are busy busy busy busy busy people. In the area of Prados verdes, there is some sort of an oil Factory which makes where we live suuuuuper stinky, so that is fun. We take combis to get around everywhere. Pretty much all of my money is spent on combis so that is fun.

We have an awesome investigator. Her husband and daughter just got baptized two weeks ago, and we are working with her to get over her addiction to smoking and to help her to get baptized. She gave us food this Saturday and cooked an amazing meal. She already knows that everything is true, she is just being a bit stubborn right now, but she is the best.

I am really loving where I am. I love our savior and know that he lives. I know that we all can be cleansed from sin, as we apply the atonement in our lives, and that his gospel has been restored in these latter days.

Love you all. take care of yourselves.

(My tummy is alll better. It was a rough week for my body, but now things are good. I think I was having an allergic reaction to some of the drugs. On Thursday morning I woke up with super itchy itchy itchy hands, and about an hour later they got super swollen - it was nuts. They stopped to be swollen the next day. It was the first allergic reaction that I had ever had.)

Our Clown House

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bed bugs, sick again, transfer to Prados Verdes, new companion Elder Nolasco

Fast week, boom booom zooom zooom.

The real kicker is the one night, unfortunately, I was in a house where there were no blankets on the bed, aaaand there were bed bugs in that bed, so that was a mega bummer. That was Thursday night into Friday. All Friday was super crazy - I had to be running around all day doing baptismal interviews for all the different district leaders, so it was busy beans. 

In the night I got to the house feeling medio crummy. I fell asleep fully missionary-dressed that night, and woke up in the middle of the night feeling 100% crummers. In the morning I was rocking a fever of 39 degrees Celsius. Once again, I had to stay in bed for a day. It was a lil' bit miserable. I'm still not sure what I´ve got because I still feel a little bit winded siempre, always. Saturday was rough. Let's just say that diapers are easier to get rid of than garments..... the runs are not your friend as a missionary. (It´ll be a better story for after the mission.)

Elder Mar and I had a killer week. We were once again able to find 9 new people to teach. Here is one thing that can be a little bit hard in the mission: sometimes you can find a bunch of people, but a lot of times they are just people that are willing to listen and don´t really have the desire to come unto Christ. So after not too much time, you have to give up a lot of them. But the good news is they have been invited. 

On Saturday we received the transfers to be able to get everything all arreglado. I found out that I was going to be transferred. On Sunday, we got all the transfers for the whole zone all lined up, who is going to travel with who, when, etc. It is always a large scramble, but we get it done. This week, we finished all of the assignments, transfers, weekly call-in report, and mucho mas, before 11pm, and I finished packing at 1. 

Today we were up and about at 5:30am, and I got on da busssss.

New Zone: Aeropuerto
New Area: Prados Verdes
New compañero: Elder Nolasco, de el estado de mexico. 
I still don´t know him all that well.

The most fun part is that none of us have ever stepped foot in this area. So we are like Dora the Explorer, talking Spanish and stepping foot on new ground.
Things are all well over here. Just hoping that I can get my health all recovered to be able to give it my all.

Sure love you all so much.
Thanks mom for applying me to college. Everyone should have a mom like you.

Elder Hulme.

Nacho Libre corn, General Conference

April 6, 2013

Hey family, this week was super fast, and we only taught about a grand total of 5 lessons, but it is all right because we were also able to find 5 new investigators.

Monday was normal.

Tuesday, we studied, did the weekly baptismal date report of the zone, packed our bags, ate some quick food, went to the mission offices, and got on a COMBI to head to Morelia. We got there at 9pm, ate a pizza (chubby), and went to bed. 

Wednesday, we woke up to get to the leadership counsel at 4:30am. We were there and finished at about 3:30pm, and at 4:30 we were on the combi once again. We also ate more pizza (fat). On the road, we stopped at a stopping place - FINALLY THE SEARCH HAS CEASED - I found the beloved Nacho Libre corn that I have been searching for 19 months. We got to the offices at 9pm, and to our house at 9:45ish.

Thursday, we worked our booties to the bone because we had not worked the rest of the week.

Friday, we had the zone meeting, and all was well well well.

Saturday, General Conference. Between the morning and afternoon sessions, we got some super tasty seafood, and I invited the 4 missionaries from our ward for some chocolate cake (no cake gets to be as tasty as yours, Mom).

Sunday, conference.

The talks I loved were the following:
Pres. Eyring - about fasting, how we cannot let the blessings from fasting get away.
Dale G. Renlund - A bit about Christ's atonement and how he knows what it is like to suffer innocently.
M. Russel Ballard - Just an absolutely stellar talk, what to do after the mission.
Jeffery R. Holland - With the story about the two brothers that went free climbing, Christ is willing to reach into the dark abyss, if we call out and search for help.
Elder Uchtdorf - Grace and obedience. Just stellar.
Overall, I was moved, felt the spirit strongly, and I now want to be a better person.

Today Elder Mar and I have been on a wild goose chase to find him a new pair of shoes. Aaand I am a happy guy.    

Sometimes life is tough, but that is all right. No one ever said it was easy greasy.

I feel like we broke history to hear the homies in the sustaining oppose. Its going to be a long eternity for them....

I love going to the leadership counsels. Every time our mission president talks, he has such an amazing spirit that just fills the room and makes you feel like you've got butterflies in your belly as you fall in love in middle school again, but it's a little bit different.

Sure do love you all.

Give Jonny a big fat hug and kiss for me this week.
Brennan gets home this week as well. Weird.

Elder Hulme.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New area of investigators, Because He Lives, Temple of the Light of the World

Hey kids
Jonny gets home this week. So that is pretty wild. Give him a big fat hug for me.

This week was a super awesome one for Elder Mar and I. We have been working really, really hard in a new part of our area that we didn´t know all that well. Turns out all the people that want (to hear the gospel?) are the people that live over there. It is a neighborhood called tetlan and la aurora, and it is the best. This week we found 9 new investigators over there, which is stellar for us and it is all just the best. 

Mom says that you´d like it if I stayed with Elder Mar for the rest of the mission. Honestly it´d be super fun. But at the same time, change is good. Abraham 1:1-2.

This next week is going to be nuts.
Tomorrow we are going to Morelia.
We will be there tomorrow night and Wednesday.
Thursday is a normal day.
Friday we will be giving the zone meeting.
Saturday and Sunday are general conference. So pretty much this next week is going to be fast.

They smoke a lot of weed in Guadalajara.

I feel like I have no idea of what to say every week. 

Two of the new investigators that we found this week have lived in Utah, both in Salt Lake, usually in West Jordan area. Sometimes it's fun to talk about super Utah. 

This week the church started the new initiative, "Because He Lives." Honestly it is wonderful to be able to watch the video with the people we teach because it invites the spirit so incredibly fast. And it helps the people understand a little bit better the Savior. 

Easter is way better in the USofA, because there is candy, easter ,and bunnies. Over here, they don´t really do anything.


We went to the Temple of the Light of the World today, and it was super cool. I really like the design of this temple. They let us take a couple of pictures.

Sure do love you all.

Have the best weeks ever

Temple of the Light of the World

Temple of the Light of the World