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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

7 lessons, favorite family, missionary forever

This week was really busy.
Tuesdsay I had some interchanges with Elder Matthews. It was super fun. He is rad.
Wednesday was normal.
Thursday, I had interchanges with my zone leader until Saturday in the morning.
Sunday, we came to Guadalajara for a meeting that we had this afternoon, aaaaaand we will be here until tomorrow to sign my visa and get all readied up again.

Last Monday I was quite stressed out, but I am all better right now. We stayed up until 1:30am one night. Bad decision. Worth it.

We had an absolutely amazing day on Saturday. We worked all day with the bishop, and we taught 7 lessons with investigators with a member present, which was a treat. Aaaand we had a lesson with Federicko and Mary Cruz.

Excluding you guys, they are the family that I love most in the world right now. On Saturday we had another lesson, where I cannot even begin to explain how strong the spirit was. They both have come super far and are progressing super duper duper well. Every time we have an appointment I get super excited from that morning. And my companion notices it because I start singing and getting all weird at 6:30am. cool.

It has been a true testimony that the Lord is preparing people to hear the gospel. When we found them, we were searching for someone else. I approached and asked if we could visit them in another moment, and now in the new future, they will be making life-changing covenants with God.

I studied a little bit in the talk by Elder Lynn G Robbins about which way do we face. I encourage all of you to read it or listen to it from this last general conference. 

I keep on getting onto these spiritual highs - it is not something that you can explain. At times I want to be a missionary for the rest of my life, where you can just focus on helping other people complete what God has prepared for them, feel the spirit all the day long, and have super funny experiences where people get all up and in your face for not worshipping the virgin.

I love where I am at
This gospel
The scriptures
You guys

Take care.
Elder Hulme.
Lazaro Cardenas Monument

bakerys on wheelz

Elder Cadena and I

"Thanks for sending this kid on a mission"

First things first.
This week the whole mission had the normal 3 month interviews with President Camarillo.
He told me to tell you all the following:"Hello," and "Thanks for sending this kid on a mission."
So that's that.

We had a really good week this week. It has been really quite busy, and now that I think about it, the last seven days felt like about 1 day.

We have been having some awesome experiences. Our investigator Federicko and Maria are doing super duper well. The father is progressing super well. He has been coming to church, and has completely quick drinking. It is quite amazing to be able to see how much a single person can progress. There has been a large amount of praying, using the scriptures, and fasting to help him to progress, but little by little, we are getting there. He is getting super excited to get baptized. Last night we had an awesome lesson with them, where another family accompanied us in the lesson. It was nice to have another set of testimonies of all the blessings that the gospel brings into our lives.

One of the conference talks that I liked asks, "...if I keep living how I am now, will I obtain all the promised blessings of my patriarchal blessing?" This week I spent a little bit of time analyzing my patriarchal blessing, writing down all the blessings promised, and everything that I must do to be able to get them all. It was a really really really really helpful experience - all that have their patriarchal blessing ought to do it.

While sweeping, you can get soaking wet because it gets so hot over here.
I bought a shampoo that has a whole bunch of plants in it.
I have been pounding the trail mix mom sent me.

I found probably one of my favorite graffitis in Uruapan walking to the bus station after our interviews with our mission president.

I am totally McJealous that you guys are headed to Yellowstone.

I hope you all have incredibly stellar weeks. I Love you all so much.
Enjoy Yellowstone and the cool weather.

Elder Hulme.
These are live chicks, painted, being sold in the street

Thursday, October 9, 2014

General Conference, No Electricity, Albertina Baptism

Conference was killer this week. You all know it. In Mexico, everyone goes to the chapels to watch general conference, so we watched church on TV in the church building.
Saturday was pretty nuts. We watched the morning session, then in between we ate lunch and had a weekly meeting with the Bishop, while everyone else socialized and ate da food. Then we watched the afternoon session. Afterwards, we had the baptismal service of Albertina, which was grand.
And then we had a little bit of time, so Elder Martinez and I left to contact people and bought some tamales. And then we went back to watch the priesthood session. Church from 11am-9pm.  It was lovely.

This week we didn't pay our electricity bill and we couldn't pay it for a little bit of time. Aaaaand, we had 3 super funny nights of planning in the dark (super romantic with the candles).

My favorite talk was on Saturday From Jorg Klebingat. I want everyone to listen to it and meditate the crap out of it in their brains. He talks about how we all ought to be principally responsible for our own personal wellbeing, which was really nice. He talks about taking initiative and not complaining. It is a concept that if everyone does it, the world would be better. Obviously ,the whole world is not going to do it, but if we try - excellent.

Dearest family. My package got here this week. I love you cats. I was a bit dense, and excited, and didn't realize that parts were for my birthday, so the pants and Nalgene are already out. Ooops. 

This week in the lessons we had and in general conference, I reached a whole new level of feeling the spirit. I realize that there is not a more satisfactory joyous feeling than the true and whole gospel truths, and living them. There is nothing I love more than feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life. And fortunately, Elder Martinez and I had multiple inexplainable spiritual experiences this week.
The other day, I saw a man on the street with a beautiful leather backpack. I offered to buy it from him and exchange him a different one I had. He said later. I called him later and he sold it to me. I am a happer camper.

Elder Dance is a winner

Albertina invited us to eat tacos