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Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweaters, Patriarchal Blessing, Investigators, Dogs Bite

The weather is pretty darn amazing right now. Sometimes it still gets really toasty, buuuut, it has been nice and cool, the type where you can wear a sweater or not and you feel great. (Yes, I wear sweaters in Mexico, in June...). But the sun stays out to play usually until about nine o'clock right now and that is love.

This weekend we had stake conference. Saturday night was one of the roughest stake conferences I had ever seen - pretty much all the talks tried to make it into a terrible planned game show, and it drug on for a looong time. On the other side, Sunday was absolutely stellar. The temple president and his wife were there, and they shared some awesome messages. Also the stake patriarch talked, and he gave an amazing talk about the importance of studying our patriarchal blessings, and how blessed we are that we can have that kind of personal revelation in our hands. Take advantage kids.

Also in the mission, I got to see one of my good buddies, Elder Payne, who took care of me a lot in my first area. He goes home tomorrow to California and is a cool kid. 

The freezer in our mini-fridge does not work, and it just makes ice for ever, to the point to where the door doesn't shut anymore. Elder Hulme got crazy with a large rock hacking at the ice. 

Real big tamale in a banana leaf, for breakfast --- PURE JOY

Elder Worth, silly cat

Elder Payne (pink tie) goes home to California tomorrow

You find this weapon of choice helping investigators move furniture

We treated ourselves to my favorite bakery today, and it was grand. When we come back to visit Tonala some day, we will be eating a lot of baked goods from that bakery.

We have an investigator who is absolutely incredible, her name is Elizabeth, and she is getting baptized in 3 weeks. She is a real trooper; she works the night shift at her work, gets home at 8am, changes, and goes to church, while still maintaining her family and everything. Luckily, her husband helps out a ton as well, but he works during the day. She is progressing really nicely and is a gem. 

This week was a pretty normal week.
I got bit by a small dog twice, on the back of my calf. If they weren´t so annoying, I wouldn't dislike them so much.

Honestly not much happened this week, we have a lot of investigators, that had baptismal dates, buuuut, going to church is a tricky thing for a lot of them. We are going to keep on keeping on.

Sure love you all tons, and I hope that all is well.

Lots of love,

Elder Hulme.

Eggs, Beer for Children, Baptism, Fabric Softener is My True Love

June 23, 2014
This week we had a lunch appointment with a less active member who is super poor. From the night before I could feel it in my blood and guts that we were going to eat eggs. We ate eggs, and I totally handled it. Honestly it was an experience that I did not enjoy, but I did it guys, I ate eggs.

Also this week, we were in a lesson, with a 4 generation family, and some of the kids were eating dinner. And I watched the grandpa pour the twelve-year-old kid a Corona Light to eat with his dinner. Yay beers.

Last night we received the calls for transfers. Buuuuuuuuuuuut there are not any transfers in any of my district. Actually my whole zone only had two transfers so that is all good. So I'll still be kicking it here in TONALA for another 6 weeks and loving it up. I am super excited to have another transfer with Elder Mar because we get a long so well, and he is down to work hard hard hard.

This week the sister missionaries had a baptism, with Perla, or as we call her, the pearl of grand price. We had her baptismal interview Wednesday, everything went well. Then on Friday at about six o clock, the sisters called us and told us that the Perla got sick. After they called lots of people in the not-willing-to-work ward, Elder Mar and I (to the rescue) went and gave her a blessing all went well. But one thing we can realize is that, honestly the power of the priesthood is probably one of the most powerful powers here on the earth. It took me a long time to realize how incredibly important the priesthood is in our lives and how blessed we are to have it. Mom, you may not be able to hold the priesthood, but you have a husband and two sons who have it and another that ought to receive it in a few months. Congratulations everyone.

Right now it is raining suuuuper hard, it's wild. I think i will go take a picture of the puddle that has become quite large. In the last 15 minutes it has gotten to be about 4x6 meters. 

Things are going really well here in Tonala. We´ve got some super great investigators, but we still have the ever lasting struggle of getting people to come to church. We have been working our butts off so that people will go to church. We only had two investigators who came to church this week, which was a bit of a disappointment, but we live.

We did not handwash any clothing this week - we splurged and went to the laundromat. FABRIC SOFTENER IS MY TRUE LOVE. also drying machines. and clean clothes.

The world cup is going on and that is all that everyone is doing every moment of every day.

I feel like I don't really have very much to say this week. 

Love you all tons.
Love Elder Hulme.

with the family of sister Giron (the most motherlike person except mom)

With the family of the bishop.

Dearest Granda Hulme.
Congratulations because you have reached the rightful age of 90. I hear from everyone that has made it that far that it is a pretty good age. Good work and hang in there. I'd like to thank you for always being such a great grandfather. I have tons of great memories of being at your house for Thanksgiving, swim meets, mountain bike trips, and random vacations. I love that you have a love for music and are always willing to share it with so many other people.

I am grateful for the example you set for the family of serving missions, for being a worthy preisthood holder, and an amazing leader within the church. I am so happy to have you as a grandfather, and wouldn't change you for the world. I love you so much and love having you in my life, and I appreciate the way that you raised Brent, who followed in your example and is a great father. Thanks for all the support always.  I hope you enjoy your birthday, have a good one and sing lots and lots of songs.


Lots of love. Your grandson, Elder hulme

Monday, June 16, 2014

The runs, frogs, new investigators, we are blessed to have the restored gospel

Welllll, the subject explains a good portion of this week. (The Runs)
This week was especially enjoyable I don't know why, but I wrote down all the good stuff so I wouldn't forget.

This week we were teaching a lesson outside, and someone's neighbors were blasting some good music. It was ever so good to hear some good old Radiohead and Nirvana in the background.

It has been raining quite a bit daily. It is impossible to know when it is going to rain, but it pretty much just depends on if you are prepared or not. If you are prepared it does not rain, if you are not, it pours. But it's all good. I like it lots. Also when it gets real rainy, all the frogs come out and play, it is super cool, and when you walk through the fields, all you can hear is frogss...

Yesterday in church Elder Mar and I went to the bathroom, I waited, as he was already seated, he asked me if I would like a cookie. I declined, with urges to vomit.

A few months ago, the secretaries went to every house in the mission to see what sorts of materials they needed, like chairs, tables, irons, and stuff like that. We had a five-hour excursion going to get the supplies and what-not. Finally, we have an ironing board, and we will not be using a make shift table/blanket combination.

This week was pretty darn radical. Elder Mar and I made a pact, to which we would do everything we could to start finding new investigators. The majority of the ones we had before were not showing any signs of progress. We found six this week, which is pretty darn lovely. And  4 of the 6 accepted a baptismal date. It honestly made me realize how God really does prepare the people - all you have to do is give it your all to find them. We have more plans to keep on finding them this week.

One of the investigators we found is named Jaime. He is a cool guy, and he is a bit nuts because he has some sort of an illness that I have never heard of. He has been in a wheelchair for the past 6 years, has 2 kids, and his wife died a few years ago from the same illness. We found him this week, and he is already progressing really well. Elder Mar and I hauled him to church yesterday and he absolutely loved it. I have never seen a man look so affected from listening to the gospel. Pretty much it was all really good experiences with all of them.

I had divisions with Elder ball; he is a cool cat.

I recognize every day, more and more of how blessed we are to have this gospel in our lives. There is nothing that brings me more joy to know that god loves us enough to restore this gospel. That he has given and sacrificed his son to die for us, only so that we can return, live with him, and benefit from all the blessings that he has.

I love you all tons.
Have stellar weeks.

Elder Hulme

Elder Ball

This is Lizette. She is cool because she helps with missionary work.

In the streets, they just let you choose your favorite group of numbers.

I lost my baby duckling

Mr. Delgadillo

Swimming pool house, peanut butter has calories, break the commandment good

This week has been cool. In pretty much all the afternoons, it is crazy crazy hot, and then at about 5 or 6pm it gets incredibly rainy and windy. On Thursday, it rained so hard that it just looked like a wall of water falling. It happened again on Saturday. And the extra cool part is..... When you get home at night, your house magically turns into a swimming pool, water leaks beneath the door realllll good. The rain doesn't ruin the floors because they are all tile. I have seen carpet 2 times on my mission.

Last night I was asked by mr mar, with his mouth full of peanut butter, if it had calories, and it was mcfunny.

I may have informed you that a member has lent me/us her sewing machine. I didn't have any time to use it this week, but we's a get real crafty this week, and repair the clothes that are diminishing.

Transfers are in two weeks. I am pretty unsure whether I am going to leave or not. Honestly, I am getting a bit ready to get out of here, but if I have another transfer, we'll just make it a good one. 

It can get pretty repetitive here, mainly because every investigator we have found in the past month and a half falls into one of two really big challenges. 1) They are a family that does not want to get married, they have lived together for 5+ years, but they will not get married. 2) They want to live better lives, but are wildly addicted to marijuana and or alcohol, making them not want to give up either up the two. It is a bit tricky, but we will get there. 

I bought another pineapple today.... score.

I also bought animal crackers today, lets just say, animal crackers rock the house. 


All has been a bit tricky with Eduardo. He has been working a ton this week. We went to his house almost every day of the week, but he was not there all week, because he was working, or got stranded in the rain, and took cover so he wouldn't get all soupy. Yesterday we chatted with him, he wants to get baptized, but he keeps on drinking, but the worst part is that he drinks like one or two cans of beer, and nothing else. And I'm just thinking... if you are going to break the commandment, break it good.... But he´ll without doubt, get there.

I am loving life, 
Elder Hulme

Enjoy your weeks.
Carne en su jugo (meat in its juice) is from Jalisco. It's pretty tasty. You load it up with radishes, cilantro, lime, and onion.

Cows get in the way.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Divisions in Guadalajara, studying apostasy/restoration, 10:30pm bedtime, peanut butter

Close the street, rent a bounce house, a band, and tons of food....

for a girl's 9th birthday party

This week I had some divisions with the zone leaders. They are in the more down town part of Guadalajara, which is super great. I will never ever quit loving that city. But also when you get into a large city you run into lots of super funny people. I think throughout the whole day, we taught a total 4 lessons with people that like the same gender. And one who is named Gustavo, but he goes by gusy (goosey), he was born male, but dresses 100% female. It was an interesting lesson. But all was super good.

Another tough weekend with Eduardo, -poor guy is just a bit silly sometimes. This weekend we had his baptismal interview all scheduled and ready to go. But on Friday and Saturday he drank, again, and he is in another month of waiting. Luckily this time we were able to keep our cool quite a bit better. 

I've been studying a fair amount about the apostasy and the restoration. Honestly, we are incredibly lucky to live in the time that we live, in which we have the gospel at our fingertips, and we can participate in its blessings every day. I think a lot about how everything was lined up perfectly, how God waited until everything was all set up, and restored the gospel. This week my testimony of the restoration and Joseph Smith have increased quite a bit. Also something that we all need to realize, is part of being patient, is that we are willing to wait for the promised blessings that the lord has prepared for us.

Sometimes I try to pray in English. Let's just say that English is real tough right now, but I can still get through a prayer. 

This week they got mad at all the zone leaders and district leaders and assistants, because none of the leaders were going to sleep at 10:30pm, mainly because of all the statistics that we have to pass every day. President said, THAT WILL NOT DO, and made it so that everyone has to sleep at 10:30 no matter what, and it is probably the most majestic thing in the world.

We made a long journey today, to the beloved Walmart to buy peanut butter. It was pricey, but well worth it. 
Elder Mar displaying the glory, glory, glory
Sure do love you guys tons. Pray lots. Eat lots. And have fun.
Is it nuts that schoool is already out... nuts.


Too much coconut, gumdrop rain, dragon fruit, don't be like Korihor

May 26, 2014

When will I learn that when I eat too much coconut that it always wipes out my innards?

This week on Tuesday we had a huge leadership conference, for all the leaders in the mission. It was really long, and there was a lack of food, but it's all good, because we learned LOTS. When I got back into my area, there is always a 200 meter dirt field that we cross. We ran across it in the pouring rain, and it was crazy fun. The rain drops were about the size of gumdrops, and you got soaking wet in 3 minutes. Good experience, cleaning the suit after was less than fun.

Today I ate a real live dragon fruit with the hope that it was going to taste like candy. They are less cool than one might think.

This definitely is against the rules, but a couple people taught me how to weld this week, wahoo.

Eduardos face swelling did in fact go down, and he has been super well. He has been keeping all the commandments, and we are going to have his baptismal interview next Sunday. Why sunday? I don't know. But he has been super great this week, his work is going well, and he came to church again, which is always the best thing.

The people love worshipping virgins and saints in Mexico. I am a virgin, and a latter day saint, worship me, you sillies.

I've been studying a lot of the mission of Alma and his sons, and also some of the mission of the son of Mosiah. I think if we can learn anything, don't be like Korihor from Alma 30, who denied the things he knew were true and then died. Because that would be a terrible way to die. What I realized is we need to embrace the truths we have and not have any sort of fear to share them with every person. Don't be Korihors.

Sure love you all lots.

Elder Hulme.
We have one of the nicest kitchens in the mission, because my area is super poor, and the money gets a lot further on houses.

How we wash clothes

Cookie dough, new investigator family, ward conference

May 19, 2014

There has been pure freezing cold water this week. So every morning I iron my garments to get them nice and toasty.

This week we made the cookie dough, and it was a glorious, glorious experience. Thank you mom for being a great mom.

This week was a bit tricky, because pretty much none of the investigators were home all week, so there was lots o' working with less active members this week, but that is all right.

We had a very spiritual lesson with a family yesterday - a family with two kids, parents are not married. They have tons of desire to go to church and to get to the celestial kingdom. So we taught them about the law of chastity and that those cats need to get married. We went with one of my favorite members to teach with, and the lesson was stellar. The investigators participated a ton, and actually understood, (the majority of the people just ignore Gods commandments). We´ve got tons of hope going into them so they can keep on coming to church get married and baptized.

Things were a bit rough with Eduardo this week, again..... He re-found a job, for the 3700251202th time this month, but I think that this one is more stable. We went to bring him to church Sunday morning and his face was crazy swollen, as if someone had jammed a loaf of bread into his cheek and his temple. He doesn't know what happened, just that he woke up and it was good and SWOLL. woo.

We had ward conference this week, which was super sweet. Our stake president and his counselors came, and shaped up the ward a bit. It is a bit frustrating that everyone waits for a royal planch from the stake pres, but at least they learned some things. Also we were able to get a ton of less active members to go to church which was goody good.

Elder Mar and I are super well. He is a stellar elder and I like working with him a lot. It is super fun to train and we is way good killer friends. I think I made him mad this week, because I wouldn't go to the store because we were going to be late to get home, but it is alllllllright. 

All is super grand, and Mexico toasty warm.

Pokemon Squirtle.