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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I baptized our cell phone, daily miracles, trip back to Morelia

This week one of my favorite investigators was baptized. He is one of my favorites because a couple months of go we were walking and I saw a guy who looked like the worst spanish teacher at my high school, so I totally talked to him. He was reading a hunger games book.  But then turns out he is just a stellar dude, who needed the gospel, and who was ready to change and was totally just a score. 

I also baptized our cell phone. I left it in my pocket, and totally cleansed it from all sin (even though it was not confirmed). It still works. I blowed all the water out of it from the air dryer that in the bathroom. (Oooooops)

It is pretty much the best thing in the world just walking around all day every day helping people get closer to Christ. It's the best. 

I never commented you guys anything about Osiel and his baptism, because we weren't all that sure because he needed special interviews and everything. Buuuut now everything is good.

Also we have an investigator, named Ana. The first day I met her, she told me she would never pray, that she didn´t want to know anything about the gospel, and that she was catholic forever. 
My companion at the time told me to not waste my time with her. A few months ago we wiggled her into going to church, and she has been going every week. We started talking more and more, and have gotten her to pray. She reads the Book of Mormon, AAAAnd yesterday in church she told us that she wants to be baptized this coming week. It is pretty wild because we have seen a true change in her. One of my zone leaders was in this area, and he also told me that it would be a miracle if we even got her to go to church. Well now she's a be baptized.

Pretty much we see miracles on the daily. The only recent convert that wasn't in church yesterday was Lorenza due to her health.

On Tuesday at 1:40am. I boarded a bus. We arrived in Morelia at 5:30am, waited for a while, and went to a training in MORELIA. My child, Elder MAR, is a zone leader, I am proud. After the zone meeting I was informed that I was going to be working for one day in Camelinas (my first area) with Elder Mar. Honestly, it was just like a whole bunch of love. We visited three of my favorite families that day, and it was one of the best experiences... 

We are working really hard, and that is about it. It was cold in Morelia. Sweaters are the bomb; especially when you have to use them.

Elder Martinez and I are setting a mission record for not having a single fight, problem, or blow up/tantrum in all the time we have together.
I slept a grand total of 8 hours in two days. Sitting in a bus station.

It is wild how excited I got to be in my first area, and with my first child, Elder Mar. You make some of the best friends in the whole wide world over here, and it is just splendid.

This is Frederico and part of his super duper family

Chineeeese foooood

I love you all

Elder Hulme.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Trued a wheel, primary program, wild rain storm

November 10, 2014

This is one of my favorite stories of this week... I like talking to the people that have bikes because bikes are cool (even though pretty much all the bikes here are "Tuesday" machinery, (its all good.)) The other week I talked with a guy with a small little bike joint. We went and talked with him this week. He was super excited to hear about the Gospel and has been hearing from quite a few different churches but all in all is really interested. AaAAand he also asked me if I knew how to true wheels and if I`d teach him. Sooo.. This week I trued a steel rim, from probably 1832, using an ex mtb front fork, lodged in a bucket of cement. It was awesome. 

This week we had an amazing lesson with Federico and Maria (recent converts). Pretty much they are some of the favoritest people on the whole planet. Aaaand this week Federico received the Priesthood, and is progressing ever so well.

Yesterday was the primary program. It wasn't quite as good as the ones back home, but it had it's funny parts, and the lil' kids sure were cute. I also drew a picture of Elder Matthews with a mustache, because he had not shaved.

Last night there was a wild rain storm - it was loud enough to wake me up. I also had a dream that Simon got super duper skinny and was withering away. Simon, don`t wither. 

Iguana tastes a lot like chicken, but it is a little bit tougher. They seasoned it up in a stew, and it had a whole bunch of spices and a whole bunnnch of LOVE!

When the bishop confirms someone, or gives a blessing, He always focuses a ton by saying "name of the person NO DESMAYE" or "Don't faint." So that is pretty fun.

Tomorrow I have to go to Morelia for a leadership meeting. The good news is, the bus leaves at 4am - wahooooo. 

I really love life. 
It is passing too quickly.
Go to the temple. My invitation still stands.
Love you alllllllz

don elder hulme el panadero con 3 barritas magicas y una lata de atun

Camera has virus, ironed cookies, we eat iguana, using the priesthood

November 3, 2014

My camera is very very ill with a virus, and I took soooo many good pictures this week, and I want to share them with you.

1. Today we made cookies with mom's super tasty cookie batch pack. It was honestly a large taste of heaven, and we also enjoyed the science that we did with it all. The most fun way was making them in tin foil and with the iron. It turned out more like a caramelized cookie, but it was good. Needless to say, I ate 1 ton of cookie dough and loved every minute of it.

2. The other day we were walking in the night, and there was a guy walking a little bit funny. He walked up to a street sign and smacked it really hard. We thought that he may had been under some sort of an influence, so we walked to the other side of the street. He kept walking, got up next to a tree, got ahold of a branch, and got in a pull-up position, and just snapped a huge tree branch off the tree, and threw it to the ground.

3. We ate iguana twice this week. Both from the same family  (I have photos, buuuut they are not working right now.)

Yesterday were the 4 confirmations that we had from last week's baptisms. It was pretty darn good. They were a large crop of people who were just baptized, so now we have been on a good hunt for new investigators. Not too many of them are showing any sort of really wanting to get things done...

Unfortunately, our recent convert, Lorenza, has been pretty darn sick in the last little bit. Yesterday we went and gave her a blessing and seems to be doing a bit better. It is such a privilege to be able to hold the priesthood, and it feels really really good when we get to use it.

The lessons we keep having with Federico and his family are the best because every time we teach them we feel the spirit super duper strong. So that is pretty darn rockin. They are having quite a few difficulties within their family, but they are progressing a lot within the gospel, which makes everything a whole lot better.

I am really quite happy where I am at. It shatters my universe how fast time goes. I feel like part of it is because it just feels super - always. We sweat every day of the week. 

I will be attaching photos when possible and I sure love you cats. A lot.

Keep on keeping on
Go to the temple
Finish reading the Book of Mormon

Elder Hulme.

Birthday, baptisms, drain-cleaning, Goofy with green eyes

October 27, 2014

Mom's questions:
1 and 2. My birthday was spectacular and super busy. On Friday we bought a cake to save it until Saturday. On Saturday, we were really busy getting everything all set and ready to go for the baptism of Federico and his wife and kid.
3. The week with Federico was awesome, mainly because every lesson we have with them is suuuuper spiritual, and everyone leaves the house high as a kite on spiritual goodness.
5. Elder Martinez and I are doing really good. Our relationship is a bit weird. I clean up all of his messes, which are plentiful. Also, I feel like I am game to clean whatever it takes now. For example, this morning I had to take apart two different drains and clean them all really good. I took out about a tennis ball`s worth of backed-up missionary hair gunk. (I did not vomit, but I wanted to.)
6. I don`t ever have to sign my visa again on my mission.

The baptisms that we had this week were pretty darn stressful, because everyone gets everywhere late. The baptism that was supposed to start at 6pm, started at 6:45, because the baptismal candidate got there at 6:35. The good news is, everything went well. 

I will attach photos of one of the first dogs that I like. His name is Goofy, and we are good pals. If you get the photo right, his eyes turn into crazy green laser shooting balls.

This week was one of the most spiritual that I`ve had in a good long while, and I loved every minute of it. 

We had set the goal to have 5 baptisms for this month. It took a bunch of faith, praying, acting, using time wisely, and relying on God, but all in all, it was ever so satisfactory to be able to say that we completed the goal. 

We had stake conference this week. There was a small amount of blasphemy and it was really really funny.  Our stake center is in Uruapan, where the weather reminds me of Portland, and it is a glorious glorious thing. It has been really toasty the last couple days.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am 20 years old, that is old.
I bought myself a carrot cake, it was lovely.

Sure love you guys, and sure love where I am at. I would not change what I`ve got for the world right now.

Take care of yourselves,

Elder Hulme.

A dog I like named Goofy

Birthday cake - Carrot

Birthday spork and bike shop t-shirt