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Colonia las a Aguilas
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tonala, tons of dust, no shade, crush on shoes, low water baptism

Moms questions first:
1. Things are really good here in Tonalá. There is a saying in Guadalajara which is "qué dice,... Like, qué dice tonalá." It just means what's going on, or what's up, and now when people ask "qué dice tonalá," we respond "puro pulvo," which just means pure dust, because seriously there is crap tons of dust here. I get my shoes reallllly shiny, and then I leave the house and they are dusty yet again. All the roads are dirt.  Things are good, we had tons of lessons with investigators this week, but I cannot seem to get the members to help us out at all. We had 7 lessons with investigators, without members, which is the worst, but things will pick up again.
I love you sunsets
2. No we have not ridden in Starfire II again. Well Elder Cruz maybe, because we had divisions this week and Hermano Meza helped again.

3. Eduardo is true love in a man - He always reads his scriptures, always remembers exactly what we teach him, and asks wonderful questions. He is this rad little dude, with one eye that looks at you and the other somewhere else. He works some sort of construction for very little pay on the daily.

4. Twisted ankle is good. I think I did some internal damage in the MTC, because I have some sort of weird scarring, that looks like scabs on the inside of my FLESH, yummmm. But it still gets really swollen, so I'm still using my brace.

5. My companion is good. We had some little contentions this week, but my strategies are ignore what I can and try to do everything I can to help him out. Sometimes the kid makes me sad, so I cook him breakfast, FRANCH TOAST.. (I eat carrot and clementine smoothie with toast, it's tasty.).

Service cleaning up trash (everyone litters here)
 Woohoo for a new fridge, and my is it fancy, and large. Turns out mini fridges aren't that cool. Just so you guys know, the dishwasher is going to need to be replaced soon as well, I can feel it in my blood and guts. 

This week we had divisions, I was in GUADY LOOJARA. Let's just say I am in love with that city. I was there with Elder Verdugo, (District leader), he is the Mexican equivalent of Soren Jensen; looks the same, talks the same, smells the same, and he is great. It was lovely to work in Guadalajara. It's a big ol' city and their area is really small, but it was nice because there is shade. Tonala has no shade. Sometimes at about 12p/1pm, I feel like I am melting on the inside. But I love it here as well. Also Elder Verdugo has a man crush on shoes, so we talked about shoes for a good amount of time. Also he eats broccoli for breakfast like me. He is a killer elder. He turned 25 yesterday, and he works hard, which I like, because sometimes I feel like I'm herding sheep in my area. But it's what the Lord and Presiden Camarillo want.
Glad to hear that the bike shop is going and that you kids got it all done. I almost cried seeing the old space all cleared out, but it will be incredibly interesting to see what will go there, and I can't wait to see all the photos of the new space. I HOPE YOU DIDNT FORGET MY BIKES.

I bought some vitamins last week. I figured I needed them, because for pretty much all the meals we eat rice, tortillas, and some sort of fleshmeat.

Organization is key. The sisters had a baptism this week at eight, and we showed up at 10 to eight, because they said they did not need any help setting up. We got there, there was no water in the font, no chairs set up and nobody there. Good planning sisters. We did what we could to fill the font up, and Elder Cruz did the dunking. (Church site still only has size 52 baptismal pants.) But the water was so low, (about mid thigh on someone who is 5.8) that the investigator had to sit down, and Elder Cruz had to kneel. The two of them lack a lot of grace and he hit his head on the wall, I had to hold in my laughs real good. Needless to say, it was a fiasco, and if we have learned anything, plan your baptisms good, sister missionaries.

Sure love you all so much, and you guys are the best, 
Have awesome weeks. Xander is getting married in less than 2 weeks, jeezth.

Elder Hulme. <3

Monday, January 20, 2014

Starfie's twin, Lord sent gold, twisted ankle

*This week we did some visits with a member by the name of H. Meza. He drives a 1992 mazda b2600. It's in a lot worse condition than Starfire, but a lot of the interior is identical. It was super fun to be in that lump of steel again. I love you Starfie.
*This week I did a lot of studying in 1st Corinthians. 1Cor. 13 is a cool short chapter, it just talks about how charity is suuuuper important, BE CHARITABLE.
*you can buy 2 heads of brocolli, a bunch of carrots, 2 jicamas, 4 cucumbers, a head of lettuce, 3 tomatoes and 3 apples for 30 pesos if you do it right.
* The 2nd package that  you sent did not come. I have a feeling that it isn't going to make it. The Copes sent me a christmas card and an amazing CD. Someone please tell them they are the coolest.
*This week we were doing some less active member hunting. We made a huge list and went out searching. We also were doing everything possible to find new investigators, seeming as we have few, and none are willing to do anything to change their lives. Finally, the Lord sent us some gold. We were searching for a less active sister, and we could not find her house. We asked a neighbor and then started to chat with him. His name is Eduardo. We introduced the gospel and he said that we could come back on Sunday. We went yesterday, talked with him about the restoration, and it was amazing. Once again, this is another person where alcohol had caused some large problems in his life and he is ready to change. But this man, this man seems special to me I don't know why. I can't wait for our next lesson with him. 
* Things are going well with my companion. I have figured out strategies to make things work, and oddly enough, time is passing by really quickly, despite the lack of investigators. The elders before me would just waste up to 3 hours in the houses of the members. When my companion told me this I said, oh well that is great and that is exactly what we are not going to do.
*This week i finally convinced my companion to go running with me. We got up early and went running, and after about 15 minutes, I stepped poorly and twisted my ankle reallll good. I was really frustrated, but it feel pretty good now, so hopefully we'll be able to start up again this week. 

Well it seems like you guys are all pretty darn busy getting things all set up for the wedding and the bike shop. Best of luck to you all. Love you all tons.

L derrrr hume hume hume

First week in Tonala, scriptures are the coolest

Hahaaaa, I do lots of laughing in my brain lately. Here is a list of silly things about my new companion. Stares at me, when I change, when I study, for multiple minutes - it's really uncomfortable. Moves a ton when he walks, somehow moving both arms in different directions, his head, his knees and ankles and face. It's silly. The best way to put it is he lacks a ton of social grace, I feel a bit bad for the dude, but he is very bold and strong headed, even when wrong, so it levels out. Has 3 suits (still don't know why).

Tonalá is the name of my new area. Its different, the people live a lot more humbly, and don't have much. Pretty much every day I am thankful for what I've got. But Tonala is a little artisan town on the outskirts of Guadalajara. I think my president is playing mindtricks with me, because he knows that I want to serve in Guadalajara, so he says we'll put him real close. Today we went to the downtown part where there is a ton of super rad little shops, cool hand made mugs and plates and beautiful things. Also there is a part of our area where we overlook Guadalajara, which is so incredibly massive.  There are few asphalt streets--mostly dirt or these really spiky rocks--so there is tons of dust everywhere which makes for very dirty boogeys. Also it is a lot more warm here. Morelia was the coldest thing in the world. 

My companion is from Mexico City. He is 18 years old, he was born in the covenant, his parents are converts, his younger brother is 17. He does have a girlfriend. I made him buy a watch today. He is skinny and sheds about as much hair as Decca. Man I am funny. No but he is good. Patience is a goood thing to have in the mission. Mine has definitely improved, and I still lack a lot.

I honestly don't have too many great stories from this week. I'm trying to get to know my area as quick as I can, but I've already got the majority of the buses that we use, and know a lot of the people, but there is tons of stuff to work on.

Let's just get one thing right, the scriptures are the coolest and everyone should spend more time in them. Everyone have good weeks, that is an order.

Love you all a lot. 

Elder Hulme

Monday, January 6, 2014

Transfer to Jalisco, New Year's

January 6, 2014

Okay here we go. On Saturday Elder Lux got a phone call from president, saying that he was going to train a new companion. Which means see you later Elder Hulme. Part of the 2014 resolutions was that I was going to make everything as good as I can with all of my companions. So we will see how it goes. So I'm in a new area. I'm in Jalisco, my Zone is Reforma 2, and my area is Tonala. And I'm here with Elder Cruz, and it's going to be awesome.

I was incredibly sad to leave Camelinas and Morelia because I love that city so much. And it is especially a bummer that we had 4 secure baptisms for the month of January, so pretty much a large portion of my blood sweat and tears, mostly sweat and tears will be inherited by some new elder. But that's alright - its the mission and I already left Morelia. I don't know much about my new area. Our house is super large and it has a microwave, and the boiler is NICE! So it'll be interesting to see how the next little bit goes, but we are going to make it work.

Here is a bit of a different/funny experience. We'll title it, "sometimes other people get you in trouble." Mission rule, You have to be in your house at 9:00pm but you can be out until 9:30 if in a lesson and you have permission. We had a lesson on Thursday, we brought the bishop along because it was a new investigator and we wanted him to get to know people. **note-The bishop always talks a ton** So we got there about eight, we had anticipated the bishop causing us to be late so we asked for permission. Elder Lux and I finished the lesson had the prayer and everything was all good to go at about 9:05, so we would have plenty of time to get home. At about 9:06, the investigator asked a simple question, that started a wild fire in the bishop's mind and mouth. He figured at that time, it would be a good time to explain the 10 Commandments, semi-thoroughly, and that took up until about 9:22. So he finishes the commandments, and I'm just like shut up shut up shut up we have to go home... With our lovely luck, the investigator had a question about tithing at 9:22, the bishop looked at me and said I'll answer this one. Needless to say, we got home late and when that happens you have to call president and get a royal PLANCH. It all turned out fine, but honestly there was 100% nothing else we could do. And the bishop knew exactly what time we had to be home. Oh well its over. 

New years eve and day in the mission are tricky because everyone just gets drunk as can be, and then the go out and shoot their guns in the air -1800's saloon style. So those days we had to be in the house at 7pm because it is crazy dangerous. 

I'm super glad to hear that all is well back home, and that the tortilla maker is being used with frequency. Mom, How are you doing the dough? Do you buy it or do it yourself? 
Is it snowing?
Don't worry I've learned to be a pretty clean person, because I cannot stand living in missionary filth, but I still have not learned to put my shoes away. The other day I had the insoles of some shoes, my shoes, and 2 pairs of flip-flops on the floor, and I thought, man Mom would be proud. 

I love missionary work to death. Sometimes it makes you wish that death was a bit closer, but it's usually pretty rockin. Also the best part is having lessons. 
What goes on with the missionaries in ward? Are there any? I only remember seeing them once every fortnight or so.

Well kids, sure love you all a ton and you guys are the best and have awesome weeks and don't do drugs because those fry your brain.

--elder hulmme


cows in the streets want to go to the tiendas as well

Cesar never goes to church but pretty much has the scriptures memorized and works out a ton

Hermana Cidel Christmas tree

We found the top of Morelia and I love that city

Part of the Israde family (I'm convinced they are angels)

Elder Perrett

Elder Anastacio

Baptism, New Toilet Seat (Last letter from Morelia)

December 30, 2013

XANDER'S GETTING MARRIED. I teared up when I read that and I don't even know why, but really Xander I'm so excited for you. I'll let you know all that in your own email. but wahooooo.

Seeing all you crazy kids on Christmas was the best, it was so killer and super fun to see you guys. And also I'm really glad that you guys have used the tortilla maker. That pleases me, and I hope that the art is mastered by the time I get home, so I can never quit living in Mexico, or just so I can continue in my tortilla intake.

Saturday we had our baptism for JCP. It was awesome, Elder Lux did the dunkin', and someone in the ward did the confirmation, For converts we do the confirmation in sacrament meeting on Sunday. I honestly was super giddy and smiley for quite a while, and it was awesome to see JCP make this change in his life. That night I was thinking a lot about miracles. Miracles are good things to have. At the beginning of the month our zone leaders asked us for our baptismal goal for december, we said zero, because we had no prospects. They then gave us a "planch" (planchar means to iron in spanish, the equivalent would be a lecture), so they planched us, and we were like okay, well we'll have our goal be 1, but hopefully God knows who we are going to baptize because we sure don't. And then we found JCP not too long after. It honestly was a miracle, and just to spice things up, his parents will probably be baptized in 3 weeks. WAHOO.

This week we had divisions again, I get pretty sick of divisions, but the missionary manual says we have to do them. 

Meals are really different here. This morning I ate KFC at 10am. So that was different. This morning, we had extreme home make-over bathroom edition. Well not really, but we installed our new toilet seat. This one is not foamy with gross rips in it, and I am stoked to use it, (sorry for the potty talk, but not that sorry, you guys like it.)

How on earth did Erich Gublers 2 years already finish? That blows my mind, but that sounds like a cool sacrament meeting with all those missionary happenings, and that is interesting that Elder Palmer and his sister will be serving in the same state. Speaking of states, when people hear you are from Utah, they ask you if you know someone, and I always end up explaining that Utah is well a state, with thousands and thousands of people and that I probably don't know that person, but it's good. 

Hey also thanks for the Christmas gifts. The yoyo is a bit dangerous because sometimes yoyo-ing is a way better option than studying, but I have learned a lot of self control, I think I have a picture of all the goodies I have, seriously thanks, you guys HOOKED a brother up. 

Well, I sure hope that all your weeks are super great. 


--elder Hulme..

Also if anyone of you ever get the chance to read Johns story of the atonement, I think its in John 18-20 give or take, it's super great.