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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We are proud moms, prayer progress, octopus

March 23, 2015

Hey kids this week was a good one. It has been busy, and ever since Monday the weather has been quite nice. 

Yes, we go running every day. This last week we have been up to a 5k every day. Buuuut I am going to have to take a break for a bit. I think we started too fast and too much, and the knee I broke a few years back as been giving me a lot of attitude. It hurts a lot. 

I feel a little bit lost; I don´t remember what happened this week. I mainly just felt like a mom or dad. There was a whole bunch of problems in the zone, and Elder Mar and I were like super mom and dad, trying to fix all the problems, but all is well. The zone is killing it. So we are proud moms.

I have quit buying regular milk because it is pricey, so we have been rocking powdered milk for a couple weeks. Pro-- I always have milk, it never runs out. Con-- We never have water in the fridge, so the milk always is warm, but in a smoothie, it does not matter.

We had divisions this week, I was in a ward called Rio Verde. Green river.

We have been working a lot better with the members, getting them all excited to come hang out with us and teach lots of lessons. 

Aaaand I feel like my prayers have progressed. This week I have been trying to make sure that every prayer that I do is really really sincere, and not just praying to get it over with and get to bed. 

I bought a mouth wash to get rid of the mc morning breath. It is strong and melts the inside of my mouth to a point where a whole bunch of the skin falls off. Wahooo. 

Today we played ping pong with our ward mission leader and our ward secretary, so that was a good thing.


Answers to Mom's questions:
The luchador mask is Elder Lopez´s, he left it here.
I did in fact learn how to eat beans. I ate them almost every day for breakfast.
When we buy snacks we buy a water, a juice, an apple, and a pack of cookies.
I do in fact make my bed every day. And I still sleep-talk a lot.

Elder Mar - Elder Hulme

The wet shoe drying station

mmmmm octopus <3  <3 <3

Deep cleaning in a luchador mask

March 16, 2015

Every 3rd monday of the transfer, we do deeeep cleeeaaaning. Today I was really excited to get all the mould from the last 3 years of missionaries off of the bathroom ceiling. I also did a small amount of the cleaning wearing a luchador mask, so you can say that was a good thing. We also got the kitchen all cleaned up, I don´t know how that place ever gets so dirty; we only use the microwave and the stove for some oatmeal.

I have beeen trying my best to do little things that make one better - right now we have...

An average of going running 5 days every week.
I have  5 months making my bed every morning.
I go to bed on time NEVER (not so good.)
I always get my dishes washed right after using them. 

This week has been rainy and cold. Our feet have been clammy, and raisin-esk (#elegance) and it is just chilly beans. Today I bought 1 kilo of beans. I figured I've been over here for a good amount of time, and it is time to learn how to cook something.

This Thursday we had a zone conference with the president, the assistants, and the director of the MTC was totally in the house. The zone leader's job in that kind of a training is to buy the snack for everyone, get everyone to the church on time, get all the tables chairs, microphones, etc. all ready, and make sure everyone is studying. BORDER CONTROL HULME.

We have been working a lot better with the members. Elder Mar is the best companion anyone could ever want. It is the best working with him again.

Yesterday we were talking with one of our recent converts. He invited us over for some mole and cheese from VERACRUZ. I love mole, I love cheese, I love my life. 

My fingers are so cold from typing. 

I have really grown to love feeling the spirit. It is honestly something so special to have lessons incredibly powerful, in which the spirit testifies to the investigator, and to each of us. I like the scripture in  D&C 88:122. Here you have it in spanish:

122  Nombrad de entre vosotros a un maestro; y no tomen todos la palabra al mismo tiempo, sino hable uno a la vez y escuchen todos lo que él dijere, para que cuando todos hayan hablado, todos sean edificados de todos y cada hombre tenga igual privilegio. 

Even though it would be talking about a meeting, it still applies.

Sure love you all
Take care

Elder Hulme.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Back with Elder Mar, shredding the mission, worst haircut

There is no time this week. And you all wrote me, but everyone just gets a big email.

This week has been nuts. We are shredding shredding shredding this mission apart right now. Honestly, we worked so hard, and it felt soooo gooood.

We had the baptism of our friend Luis. After lots of going to church, lots of testifying, and lots of jumping hoops, we did it. 

We had  a zone activity today, it was awesome, the zone is super great, working hard and doing good work.

I just got the worst haircut of my life. She took a looooong time, and today in the cyber we only have 20 minutes.

I sent a letter to the Copes. 

Everything is super good.
It is way fun being back with Elder Mar. It is funny because he still does the same things, especially sneezing all the time. 

Our two male recent converts from this area got the priesthood this Sunday. It was super fun. I LOVE PROGRESS AND THE PRIESTHOOD.

Sorry this letter is so scatterbrain and fast
love you all
this week is going to be busy
take care
read da scriptures


Thursday, March 5, 2015


March 2, 2015
The zone leaders get all of the transfers on Saturday at about 6pm, so that we can get everything all scheduled up and know when buses leave, how long they take, who is going to travel with who, and how they will never be alone, etc. On Saturday we got the transfers, and to my wonderful surprise, I saw that my new companion was going to be Elder MAR - one of the best guys you ever did meet, the missionary that I trained 11 months ago.... IS IT CHRISTMAS OR WHAT?????????????? Honestly I have been so excited.

We got everything all set up, and today I was waiting for him in the bus station, he got here at about 1pm, and we are just going to be working ever so hard over here in Reforma. I AM SO EXCITED. It has already been way fun to be with him for the 4 hours.

This week we had the leadership counsel with our mission pres and all the zone leaders and sister training leaders. There is something to be said about feeling the spirit, singing, and sharing ideas with such a powerful and dedicated group. It is the best. 

I got the nicest package from lil miss Sierra Bergmann. If you guys could send her a message saying thanks, I´d appreciate it. I wrote a letter, but I have no idea how long it´ll take to get to her.  A message or a phone call please. It was full of goodies and soaps and journals etc. It was the best.
I also got a package from Grandma Dot. It had some of the best chocolates, the only sad news is they got stale and hard. But the flavor was still tastY. we have the best grandma. 

We had a super great zone meeting this Friday. For the first time I feel like we have gained some serious love in the whole zone, where everyone is trying to be the best missionaries possible. 

I had divisions with one of the assistants this week. His name is Elder Del Toro, Mexican name, American blood. Honestly it was the best, and we became super good friends. 
                                I AM JUST A HAPPY GUY ALRIGHT!

I have grown a true love for the mission and this gospel. I love preaching it, and love it the most when the people accept. The holy ghost has played the hugest part in my conversion, and I can honestly say that I have been converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Obviously there is a long ways to go, I am not perfect, but I love what I am doing and lots more.


pray together, in other times than dinner. 

Training with mission president, baptism, Meet the Mormons

February 23, 2015
We have got some major sleepy kittens going on over here. This week was super busy, and this next week is going to be just as busy.

We had a training this week with our mission president, and it was really really nice. But, things were stressful at the same time. On Wednesday, we had to buy the snack for the whole bunch (36 people). You can easily spend 500 pesos on water, juice, small cookies, and an apple. (We live on 800 pesos every two weeks, so 500 is a large sum.) Also on Wednesday we had to move 7 huge tables from one church to another. There is nobody in our ward with a large truck, so we had to contact someone from another ward. We waited for him for 2 hours. Every half hour he told us just a little bit more, but we made it. 

Two elders that came from far far away came and slept at our house, so they could get to the training on time.

Thursday we got up bright and early, and got everything all set up. The training was mainly focused on how to work better with the members and how to involve them better in missionary work.

This week we had a baptism with our super mega investigator Angel. He has been investigating the church for a long long time, and he was the one that last Sunday we taught him and got him to accept a baptismal date. The bishop baptized him. The bishop also got to the baptismal service 30 minutes late, so that was spectacular. Punctuality is the coolest. But everything turned out super good in the service - the talks were short and to the point, the service was done and Angel was super pumped stoked excited. One of the best parts of our work is helping people enter into this amazing covenant with God. Wahooo. I will do my best to send you guys a picture of his baptism, buuuut my camera just got another virus, so that is the coolest. I think when I get home I will be buying a macbook, because I am sick of virus´s and want to deal with them never again.

Today, was super duper duper great. We had to be in a different chapel at 730am for a super mysterious mystery meeeting and we had no idea why. When we got there, our president was talking abnormally giddy--ish, and then he let us know that we were going to watch the church’s new movie Meet the Mormons, Honestly, it made me feel the spirit strongly, made straight up tears fall out of my face. I was a super great experience. I hope you all can see it and enjoy it as much as we did. 

I also made quesadillas today, so not much is better than that...

Love you all so much. 

Elder Hulme.

These three guys all went to Timpview

Zone activity, Esther

February 16, 2015

This week was a good one, full with a good large amount of trials. BUT WE LOVE Life.

We bought a super huge giant pizza, so that was a good thing.

Today was one of the busiest days of my life. We cleaned the house super thorough, held the zone activity - full of about 40 minutes of playing soccer as a zone, and then a scavenger hunt that Elder Lopez and I arranged full of crab walks, leap frog, follow the prophet, (everyone with their eyes closed except the prophet) and pizza. Not the whole zone could go, but those that were there had a good time. 

We had a super miracle yesterday. We have an investigator who has been coming to church every single week. We have taught him all of the missionary lessons about 103 times, and his wife is a member. We had invited and invited and invited him to be baptized. We had a lesson with him and his wife this Sunday after church for like the billionth time. We talked about how to receive an answer from the Holy Ghost, but there was something different this time. The spirit was ever so strong, it made tears fall out of your eyeballs. At the end of the lesson there was a super silence, we asked him what he thought, and he said, I want to be baptized, I´m ready. So now we have just got to get everything all lined up for his baptism for this week.

I really love this gospel. The happiest moments in my life have been those in which the Holy Ghost is testifying in a small room with 2 missionaries, 1 investigator, on occasion a member, and the strongest presence of the Holy Ghost. It has an effect on me that afterward I cannot quit smiling - where I can forget the moments that have happened and it just rocks my world. 

We have another investigator, who has had about 1400 baptismal dates, and every time we get one all set up, some sort of catastrophe happens. This week he had to go on a super quick business trip to Colima Mexico and totally ruined everything, but that is alright. God’s team always wins. 

Glad to hear that there are some new bikes running around the house. Now I just hope that you kids ride them; ride their guts out. 

Unfortunately, I did not eat anything crazy or weird this week.

TODAY I am about as tired as I have ever been. I feel like we have ran everywhere and there is just a whole bunch of thoughts feelings and everything going on in my brain. 

I read a little bit of the story of Esther this week. If only we could all have as much faith as she had, fast the way she fasted, and be cool like Ester.

I love this gospel, church, I love being able to thank and ask my heavenly father for blessings, and that he always listens. I know that Christ lives, and that he directs this church.

Elder Hulme.