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Elder Oliver Philip Hulme
Guadalajara East Mission
AV. 18 de Marzo #3088
Colonia las a Aguilas
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
CP 45080

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 9, 2013

I actually didn't get your package and letters yesterday. I thought you guys were shunning me, for some reason. Elder Hulme had a week without letters. BUT! I got all the letters and packages today, and it was awesome.  I saw the chips and automatically knew there was going to be salsa. and I've already eaten a lot of it. Thanks so so so so so so much, I love all those goodies.

Elder Hulme's district with their teacher, who had brought them each a used tie on their last day. 
Yes, I could hear the music walking to and from the main campus yesterday. I always did like those band competitions. Unfortunately, I was in the devotional when Timpview played, but I heard people practicing and playing when walking. It was fun. I'm glad they did well. But I'm sorry that they didn't clean house it... But at the same time, I'd bet the band room doesn't have very much room for more trophies they have won so many stinkin' competitions. 

I also cannot believe that I'll be in mexico in less than a week. I honestly cannot wait. Occasionally our teachers will go on a bit of a reminiscent tangent of their missions in Mexico and they will tell us stories, and I am so excited mom, It is unreal. The tricky part with the MTC is days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. So every day is slow, but all together or when seven of them happen it seems really fast. Like I can't believe it is already pday again, but at the same time, sometimes you are in class and it is like "I have literally been here for 88 days and nights." But the next few days will be going a bit different because we have in field training and stuff like that.

Oli, his cousin Lexie Hulme, her companion, and Elder Sealor
Fun stories.  The other day, I was laying on the floor in our residence, because I had just done a bunch of push-ups and I was just kind of staring off into space, and I saw that there was something in our stovetop hood. I walked over there looked up, and on the underside of the stovetop (where the fan is), there was a note. The note rhymed and was just funny good. It was a scavenger hunt. That led us into using the end of some nail clippers to un-screw the bolts of one of our air vents, that was the end of the scavenger hunt, there was 1 small package of trail mix, 4 peppermint patties (rotten), 1 granola bar, and I think something else. But it was super fun, and we want to do something like that before we go.

Also every p-day, Elder Sealor, Elder Wutkee, Elder Rey and I make a to-do list and pin it up on our bulletin board, because every Thursday our rooms get checked to make sure that we are keeping them clean. We just like to make the list for laughs and to make the inspectors think we are really weird. But here are some of the things that they have said:::: 
  • Shave each others backs. 
  • Turn fridge into incubator for geese. 
  • Assemble boxing match for spiders. 
  • Clean the tub. 
  • Buy ten pounds of toothpaste.

It is all just silly  fun

I absolutely loved this last week. I loved conference, and Elder Sealor and I were getting a long really well. We are working well together and I'm learning tons. Spanish is super fun, and on Monday, I went on an english fast, so i didn't speak english the whole day. It was tough, but rewarding. I also think necessary, because I will hear very little english in the next two years. .. Moral of the story I'm doing really well.

Love you all so much. Have a good week,


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  1. Beaner! Fantastic blog... we especially love the video!