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Friday, November 1, 2013

October 28, 2013 - 2nd Week in Camelinas, near Morelia

Greetings from Mexico! Things in mexico are good. A super huge rainstorm just hit and poured out tons and tons of rain for a few minutes, then it changed into just a really large amount of rain. Speaking of the weather, the weather is a bit odd; this last week for 2 days in a row, it was absolutely freezing- I could see my breath outside, and it was just chilly chilly, probably nothing to what you guys are feeling in utah right now. 

Mom, thanks for the update, with all the stuff that happened in the past week, it sounds like you guys did a ton and had tons of fun. I'm assuming that the Costco/Winco/mall trip was for the Germans to purchase souvineers and food to take back to Germany, or that you just wanted some help getting groceries. Mom, you and Jette doing the zipline and then driving the Alpine loop sounds similar to our mini family vacation that we did just before I left. Also I'm a bit jealous of you guys getting to play in Provo Canyon while the leaves are a-changing. Probably shouldn't tell you this, but at this time of the year, usually this next week (because the end of term is always near my birthday), me and Jonny, or me and my friends, would end up skipping our class after lunch when it was nice and sunny and warm and either go hike in the canyon or drive the Alpine loop. GOOD TIMES. 

The weather here is different. Right now it is always changing, but from what I have heard, October-February is cold, March-May is hottttt, June-August is rainy, and September is lovely. I've been experiencing quite a bit of lovely, with some cold and some rain, but it is all good. 

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love. This birthday was a little bit more odd, and yes it is easy to forget. I remembered in the morning, but I decided to wait until night to open my gifts. THANKS SO MUCH! They are all so great, but easily my favorite is the pictures... they mean so much to me. I am yet to figure out what I will do with the brownie mix because we are without an oven and any sort of vessel large enough to mix that up. I'll figure it out. 
The past week, the streets of Mexico have exploded with the little skulls for Day of the Dead, which is a different holiday than Halloween. I'm really excited to see how they celebrate all that in the next couple of days. Today we were walking and I stopped at a little cart to see how much one of the large skulls cost, my clumsy self accidently kicked the table, and knocked one of the skulls down. Moral of the story: I got to pay for a candy skull that I didn't get to eat. Oh well, life is good. 

Tacos al pastor are awesome, and we ended up eating at the same place for the same tacos the next day. This week a member fed us this awesome seafood salad. It had -surimi- which i am still trying to figure out what that is. But it was super tasty. Also on my birthday Elder Lux bought a tres leches cake, and it was super tasty (nothing like yours mom), but it was really good.  Also, on Thursday, I ate something that did not agree with my stomach, needless to say, the bathroom and I became good friends.

One day while in the MTC, I remember thinking about how much I have always enjoyed getting counsel from Mom, Dad, and Xander. I look up to you guys sooo much you have no idea. This week I was reading in Alma, chapters 36-42. It consists of alma giving counsel to his sons Helaman, Shiblon and Coriantum. I really enjoyed this. I think in 38 or 39 Alma tells Coriantum to counsel with his brothers, and this reminded me of all the awesome chats Xander and I have had. Man I love you guys a ton.

Mom you asked about how we cannot just go around knocking on doors. It is true, and I know that a lot of missions are doing that. In Mexico, it can be a little tough when our appointments fall through or lessons end early, and we have a little bit of time that we have no idea what to do with. We do our best. 

All is well, Mexico is super pretty.

With love ---Elder Hulme

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  1. I'm shocked, shocked I say, to learn that Oli and Jonathan used to skip class to visit the mountains. Jonathan also broke it to us last year that he and Oli would sometimes skip class to ski. Where did we go wrong as parents? ; ).