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Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 18, 2013 - Waiting for interviews, robbed again

Hey kids. So it's just another crazy pants week here is Mexico. Sometimes are much better than others.
On Wednesday, I had my first second interview with the mission president (we have them every three months). We had to be there at 11:10am to be interviewed. We got there at 11. I don't know what happened with the planning and such, but we waited until 3:30 and didn't leave until 4. So that was SUUUUPER GREAT. We get lectured on not baptizing enough, but it's a little hard teach when we are waiting for interviews for 5 hours.

Then on Thursday into Friday, we had divisions again. This time I was out of my area again, with another native companion. I don't love divisions, because its real tough trying to learn a new language, area, and companion when you are with other companions all the time. We finished divisions on Friday at 2pm. The four of us went to our house to get Elder Jenkins's's's stuff, because he was with Elder Lux. When we walked in, the back door was wide open and it was a stinky pants like cigarettes. We got robbed, yet again. They took 500 pesos of Elder Lux, elder Jenkins' electric razor charging cord, (only the cord, not the razor), and our DVD player, with our copy of the District, (Thieves don't use too much of their brain). So that's that.

On Saturday, we had this huge event in the chapel that was from 9am to 2pm, called autosuffiency, it just had a bunch of booths teaching people about stuff like food storage and personal security, etc. That was a good thing, it was to help get the name of the church out there a little bit more...

Then on Sunday, we had a huge meeting with Elder Martinez of the 70, with all the missionaries from Morelia, Uruapan, and Areopuerto, and all of our/their mission leaders, bishops, and other people like YM/YW presidencies. He pretty much just grilled all of the members for not helping us as much. I feel like the members help us a ton. But someone felt they needed a'grilling.

Today, I have to go to Guadalajara again. I have to renew my visa. Why I couldn't do it when I was there last week... I don't know. Last night we did divisions once again so I slept in Elder Jenkins' house again. He is the one from Eden - super great. American companions are super fun, and probably not the best thing, because we just end up talking allll night. 

Honestly, between interviews, district meetings, mission meetings, 2 Guadalajara trips, 3 nights and 3 days of divisions, I have had about no time to do anything. I finished the Book of Mormon this week. That was great. I like that book more and more each day. 

Dad asked about my spanish. Spanish is good, yet tough, as a new language ought to be. There is lots of stuff I don't understand, but in my language study, I study my guts out because everything else I study, such as the scriptures and preach my gospel and all that does not apply if I can't talk with the people. I can talk with more and more people, but not all that well. Buuuuut when I think that I've only really been learning Spanish for a little bit more than 2 months, it's quite impressive what I can do. 

I love you guys tons, and you guys are the coolest. Things are great in Mexico, and I am loving it.

Elder Hulme.
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  1. I love this kid sooo much! Guess he's not really a kid anymore, is he? His letters give me a huge boost in my week and help me to be excited about transitioning to a letter-only relationship with True. True enters the MTC this Wednesday and we're about to find out how tough I really am. :( Love you guys! Thanks so much for updating this lovely blog so regularly. xoxo