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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Thanks for sending this kid on a mission"

First things first.
This week the whole mission had the normal 3 month interviews with President Camarillo.
He told me to tell you all the following:"Hello," and "Thanks for sending this kid on a mission."
So that's that.

We had a really good week this week. It has been really quite busy, and now that I think about it, the last seven days felt like about 1 day.

We have been having some awesome experiences. Our investigator Federicko and Maria are doing super duper well. The father is progressing super well. He has been coming to church, and has completely quick drinking. It is quite amazing to be able to see how much a single person can progress. There has been a large amount of praying, using the scriptures, and fasting to help him to progress, but little by little, we are getting there. He is getting super excited to get baptized. Last night we had an awesome lesson with them, where another family accompanied us in the lesson. It was nice to have another set of testimonies of all the blessings that the gospel brings into our lives.

One of the conference talks that I liked asks, "...if I keep living how I am now, will I obtain all the promised blessings of my patriarchal blessing?" This week I spent a little bit of time analyzing my patriarchal blessing, writing down all the blessings promised, and everything that I must do to be able to get them all. It was a really really really really helpful experience - all that have their patriarchal blessing ought to do it.

While sweeping, you can get soaking wet because it gets so hot over here.
I bought a shampoo that has a whole bunch of plants in it.
I have been pounding the trail mix mom sent me.

I found probably one of my favorite graffitis in Uruapan walking to the bus station after our interviews with our mission president.

I am totally McJealous that you guys are headed to Yellowstone.

I hope you all have incredibly stellar weeks. I Love you all so much.
Enjoy Yellowstone and the cool weather.

Elder Hulme.
These are live chicks, painted, being sold in the street

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