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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

UNCLOG THAT DRAIN, bucket-filling font makes for memorable LAST baptism

August 3, 2015

Well boys and girls this week was a crazy one. AND I LOVED IT.

One morning, I was sick of showering and having to be soaking in all of my shower filth, soooo I decided to get down to the nitty gritty with a metal hanger and UNCLOG THAT DRAIN. It was about 20 minutes of Elder Hulme saying "que asco"and "wakalaaaaaaaaa" (which means gross). Let's just say that sister missionaries used to live in this apartment, aaaaand there was about 18 inches of rotten stinky hairy hair ball hair and it was gross gross grossy gross. But now I am good at doing it seeming as I´ve had to do it in 4 of my areas..

Satan was workin it hard this week to get Mayra not to be baptized. The poor thing had a ton of sad things happen to her  this week, but was ever so excited to be baptized. We got to the chapel on Saturday at 4 to fill up the font to be ready at 6. We started up the filling and after ten minutes, all the water  stopped.
We hooked up a hose to the outside from the street water system.      nope
We hooked up another hose to the cleaning closet to filler up.....   nope
My companion almost drowned trying to syphon up the water from the underground well into the font....    nope

After a long while of trying everything, running, praying, and the only thing getting wet were my pants. We got to work filling up the font bucket by bucket from the 9 foot well where I dropped the keys weeks before. Bucket by bucket by bucket by bucket, my companion and I were on our knees grabbing the water, then taking it to the window, handing it to a young man to throw it in the font. 
We got that font filled - with water and grass. We were covered in sweat, dried off, and started the baptism.

Everything went quite well in the program. Mayra was super super happy, and that is what matters.
When we got into the font, the water was only up to my knees. But she was still baptized on the first go - we just had to use more of a planking approach.

She had the biggest smile on her face afterward and we are so happy for her. She is an investigator who progressed incredibly fast, and it was amazing to see how she changed. From being a coffee and cigarette addict, grouchy, and now a loving mother, free from addictions who has decided to follow the example of the Saviour.

I look back on everything that happened that day, and I am happy that it did, because I will honestly remember this last baptism for ever and always. 

Today I took my suits to the dry cleaner. They told us that they won't do it, because they can't finish the job before I go home. Looks like I´m coming home with dirty suits. (Don´t worry I´ll hit´em up with the Febreeze to get the stink out.)

Sure love you all
Love your guts,

Elder Hulme.

P.S. Hey kids just a heads up... It may still be in two weeks, but remember in the Acts how Saul was totes destroying the church and then the Lord is like, why do you do these things? And then he changed his name to Paul. I never tried to destroy the church or anything, but I´ve changed. I know it. I hope we all can accept this... Mainly I´d prefer it, that after I am released and I'm no longer ELDER, if everyone could call me OLIVER (as Dad suggested in the earlier years of my life). I´d sure appreciate it.

Love you all so much.
Have great weeks. 

Elder Hulme
soon to be OLIVER (instead of Oli)

The mini zone

These pictures with Mayra are my favorite

Knee deep font filled by the bucket required a "planking" approach

The doctora that got rid of all my warts

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