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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Paradise, FYS, I love the temple, sick again

July 27, 2015

This week was hard, but at the same time it was the best.

On Monday they told us that we were going to go to FYS (the new version of EFY over here). We went with 40 other missionaries on Wednesday. We got up bright and early, headed to the offices, and went to a suuuper nice hotel where they were doing the FYS. Our mission was to teach the youth how to present a pamphlet of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to their friends, aaaaand commit everyone that was there to go on a mission. We got to the super nice hotel (we are talking like fancy nice, hidden, in a cute forest up in snowbird hotel). We got there, and as the 747 youth were singing called to serve, we sprung in there like hidden ninjas and sang really loud the last 2 verses. I never went to an EFY as a youth, but this time around was a blast!! Then, we split off into groups and did our part. It was interesting because you could tell who were the obedient, the rowdy, the rebellious, but they were all just great, and we loved them all. Being among so many youth had a super fun spirit, and it was a blast of a Wednesday, I saw youth from every single one of my areas and it was great.

On Thursday, we had a stellar lesson with Mayra about temples and family history work. She was interested to go to the temple and we got everything all arranged to go on Saturday to have a lesson with her on the temple grounds.

Saturday came around the block, we had everything readied up, aaaaand the brother who was going to drive us, did not show up, did not show up, and did not show up. (I was about to explode). We ran to his house, and his wife told us that he called and said that he wasn't going to go. (I almost exploded) We ran back to the chapel with the investigator and the other member, aaaaand we saw the brother who was going to take us with some sweat on the face and a charming smile, and we got him all convinced to go again.

I LOVE THE TEMPLE. Just being on the grounds I could not quit smiling. I had to repent for having so many explosive feelings, but afterward, it was heaven. We had an amazing lesson with her, that I will be down to talk about when I get home, because if not, this email would take a week to read.

All week, I was battling some sick symptoms: a sore throat, runny nose, weakness etc. Then on Sunday I was not feeling so well. Sunday after lunch I thought I was going to pass out. So then I thought about the quote from Gordon B. Hinkley´s dad "forget about yourself and go to work." I tried that, but after about fifteen minutes I had to lay down on the sidewalk. I talked with the mission doctor, and he told me to rest up for a little bit. I got home and after 20 minutes, the cookies were tossed. I then fell asleep on the bathroom floor, and fell asleep for the rest of the night. (My body misses clean countries.)

But I am loving life. 
Mayra is going to be baptized the next week.
I am very very very thankful and glad for serving a mission. Easily the best decision I have made so far.
I love you all

Elder Hulme.

The picture of the temple with trees is PARADISE

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