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Monday, December 2, 2013

Sushi, little red guavas and learning to give thanks.

Today I ate makis, there will be pictures, it was honestly just sushi, but it was suuuuper good, and it was 2 for the price of one day, so that was good. mine had salmon and seaweed, and we fell well together.

Yes mom we always let our mission president know when we get robbed, we started to look for a new house this week, but finding one that is cheap, safe, in our area, not cockroach infested, the right size, and this and that and whatnot is really hard. But we will get it all figured out. The hardest part is the mission allows very little money for us to spend on a house.
Visa renewal stuff was fine, just lots of busses and waiting and what not, but we did go to dairy queen in guadalajara and I LOVE BLIZZARDS, they have a special spot in my heart now. But I have to go again in 2 weeks from today, so we'll waste some more time there. All is well.
Simon had a birthday shout hooray.

This week, yes was a bit more normal. I finished my first transfer/first 6 weeks, and these six weeks went by tons faster than the 6 weeks in the mtc. Stuff that has gone on... 
*There is a sister in our ward who is less active and we have been working with her a lot to get her to come to church, she came to church this week, that was super exciting. Her name is Angela, she also cooks quesadillas every night at 7, and her quesadillas a deep fried and unreal tasty. 
* We had a lesson with one of our investigators, Maydena, the lesson at first we were talking about the importance of baptism and confirmation, and making sure that she understood those terms, but then the lesson *mighty morphin power rangers* changed into talking about problems. And I commented this to dad earlier, But we were talking about how a lot of times the problems that we have in life are for our own benefit. God has perspective on our lives, God knows how things will end and the possibilites of how we will react. It is part of our agency to react in the best way possible and to learn from our problems. I really like to think about this. Also I like the story in 1st nephi, when they are on the boat, and laman and lemuel tie up Nephi, so much that his wrists and ankles are super swollen. Then it takes them until a giant wave is about to destroy them to untie them, and the first thing that Nephi does is pray and give thanks unto the lord. Thats a thing that I want to learn to do, give thanks for my problems. I CAN GUARANTEE YOU, that if last week  I was tied up, on a boat, in the rain, about to die, the first thing I would do after I was untied would give thanks for my problems. I want to learn to be a good dude like Nephi.
* Elder lux and I are getting better and better at working together, which is a huge blessing, I love that little guy to death, and I love him more and more as I can understand things more and more. 
* This coming week an elder that I know from high school will be coming into the mission, Elder Hutchings, I don't know where he'll go, but it'll be cool to know someone else in the mission. 
* Today was our first p-day in two weeks, which means the house hadn't been deep cleaned for 2 weeks and 6 days, It was quite filthy, and I am now pleased, Mom you'd be proud, I've learned to become really clean, with my study area, with my pots and pans and stuff, because I cannot stand to live in filth any longer. The only problem is that other missionaries don't like cleanliness as much, so I'm always picking up after elder lux. And, I can only imagine how fed up you must've gotten always cleaning up after my messes. THANKS A BUNCHES MOM.
* Next thing I want to learn. Which I don't feel like I have a very bad problem with this, but reliability. I get a bit frustrated at times with the amount of appointments we have to teach, or talk, or have a member accompany us, and how people will just not show up, or not be at their house, or the chapel or where ever, ITS THE WORST, I'd much rather have them just not set an appointment, then to not be there, But all is well.
* One of our investigators gave us this bag of mini red guavas, there was a lot and they were the tastiest thing ever, elder lux and I ate the whole bag right after she gave them to us, we both had the runs for a day.

I think that is the majority of things that have been going on. Mom, I'll try to take more photos of me in them.... 
Sure do love you all, have awesome weeks, dont get sick, play hard, work hard, learn lots, 
love you all

elder hulme.

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