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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bed bugs, trials, money root of evil, Christmas in February

The nursery rhyme tells you that if you have bed bugs, to not let them bite. Well, when you don't know that you have bed bugs, they just bite and the next thing you know your body is covered in these bites that are about the size of quarters, and you're just itchin' allllll week. Bed bugs are rough, and because we found out we had bed bugs and we changed houses with the sisters, we had to change all the mattresses and everything as well, (probably a good idea). We embarked in the street, found a random large truck, and knocked on the door and offered him 100 pesos to help us move a bunch of bed stuff. He said yes. But he only wanted to help us for one round, so Elder Cruz and I carried a mattress from the old house to the new house. It's about a mile walk. It was really amusing.
Dont lose your voice as a missionary.
Today we had a district activity. It was really good, but it was in Guadalajara, and it was 3 hours long, with the 2 hours of bus time, so there is ZERO time to write.

I've done a lot of studying about trials. The Lord is giving me some realllllll good trials right now, despite my desires to work my absolute hardest and to do everything possible to be the best missionary I can.  But once again none of our investigators came to church, even though 3 told us there was no chance they'd miss. 

1timothy6. says that the love of money is the root of all evil. I can testify of that. 
Numbers 11*7-8, the children of israel ate tortillas (that is what Elder Cruz shared with me this morning)
This week we had a zone meeting as well, and I GOT YOUR CHRISTMAS PACKAGE. I almost cried I loved it soooo much. That was such a clever card and I love the calendar. Also Give my love to Grandma Dot. She sent me a birthday card in October and it got here today. Also Lisa Furner has sent me numerous cards that I got this week. Thanks a ton for the mail, it is the best.
This morning I was reading in 3nefi12-15. All of those chapters are pretty much the same as matthew 6*7*8. Lets just say that the scriptures are super great, and 3 Nephi is fabulous. Missionary work is going reall goods.

And wohoooo!!! Xander is officially married, I'm wicked glad that everything was pulled off and that the two are happily married. They'd best not have a child before I get back. 
I sure do love you all so much and I love to see all the photos of the wedding and what not.
Keep up the good work. Play hard this week and have amazing memories.
With lots and lots and lots of love
Elñder ladskfñHULME.

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