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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Still in Tonala, family of five, family prayer, mission conference, Holy Ghost, district leader

One of the coolest songs ever made is Red, Yellow, Blue, by the Born Ruffians. It talks about how the guy would start his own country. If I, Oliver Pdiddy Hulme, started my own country, it would be a law that you had to get married. This week we have found way too many people, who want the gospel, some of whom want to be baptized, but they are not married, AND IT'S FRUSTRATING.

Mom, the bed bug story is that our beds had bed bugs, so obviously we weren't going to leave the poor sisters with bed buggy beds, (and it would be weird to be living in the bed of a girl, gross, cooties), so we carried one of the mattresses from house to house, I have a picture I'll send it.

Yes, this new house has an oven, I am still yet to figure out if it works, I am a bit weary of it, because the ovens and stoves here use a ton of gas, and gas is crazy expensive, and I don't want to have to buy gas again.

This week was quite humbling. We visited a ton of less active members. Whenever we visit the less active members, they always say that they will come to church, but usually very few do. But this week we had 11 come to churnch, needless to say I was stoked. But then to top it off, we are teaching a family of five, the mom the dad and their 3 kids, and they are a killer family. They live very humbly (don't have a single piece of furniture), but we had a lesson with them this week, and a member came along with us. We talked about the restoration and their spirit was crazy strong. We invited them to come to church, and they came as well, but not only did they come, but they enjoyed the crap out of it. I've done lots of praying for and with this family, I've have always loved to pray personally, but there has always been a lack of family prayer. I want you guys to start praying as a family, more than just at dinner, either in the morning or at night, or both, the more the merrier. But I've learned a lot about prayer, families, and how the both are dependent of each other. COMMIT TO DO IT, AND DO IT. I can promise you guys that there will be more love, more unity, and more blessings.

Good work for going on mini family vacation, but you crazy kids, missed church. That's allright, you didn't miss the sacrament, that is the most important part. But yes, I have done the Little Wild Horse hike, I love it, and I love Goblin Valley. And yes, I have seen the Black Dragon petroglyphs - Dad took us there after the young mens river rafting trip. We were in the old Volkswagon van, and all the scouts were grumpalumpagouses.

Also this week we had a mission conference, and it was super cool. An elder from one of the 70´s came and spake to us, *did you guys know there are 8 quorums of 70's?* Pretty much everyone talked about the Holy Ghost. This morning I was studying about the Holy Ghost, the difference of the gift of the Holy Ghost and the presence thereof are very different. Every single one of you has the gift of the Holy Ghost - use it wisely. I am now district leader, and I have a feeling that I am going to be studying the Holy Ghost a lot more, in how I can always have his presence.

I sure love you all a ton, and HAVE AWESOME WEEKS.
Oh, we had transfers yesterday, same area, same companion
Moving the bed-bug infested mattress one mile to new house

Elder Verdugo

Elder Rey

Elder Mcclellan, Pocatello, Idaho

Elder Dominguez and Elder McClellan

Elder Cruz

The old district

I bought myself some new sandals, huaraches, for loafing in the house at night


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