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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sleep talk in Spanish, Jose, Eduardo, Famine vs. Hungry

All you cats are crazy busy, but that is good, and hey from the few photos mom sent me the shop looks really great, good work. yayyyy.
This week has somehow gone by incredibly fast, this week, yet again we had divisions, this week I was in Guadalajara again, but I was with Elder Rey, who was one of my friends in the MTC. He is super funny and gives you lots of useless information about My little ponies. I love Guadalajarrrrrrra.

This morning we had crazy house changes, we swapped houses with the sister missionaries in the ward, our zone leaders told us on saturday, so we had saturday night to pack and monday morning to finish packing and cleaning, it was pretty nuts. Our new house is a major upgrade - I feel really bad for the sisters, because their old house was a lot nicer. BUT, all these houses are nicer than what we had in Morelia, so no complaining.

I still sleep talk, but Elder Cruz says I sleep-talked in Spanish, wahoo.

This week, this dude came up to us on the street, saying that he was sick of tobacco, and that he wanted to leave it. We went to his house and talked with him. He had a large knowledge from the other churches he had been a part of. His name is Jose, and we taught him to pray. He prayed when we finished the lesson, and his prayer was a beautiful experience. He was just begging, begging God to help him to leave his habit, and to help him find some sort of truth. It was magical. He promised to come to church, and didn't, that was a bummer.

Eduardo is shredding it, he has got mad desires to read the scriptures and I love that man like my brother, but he also did not come to church this week, so that also was a bummer. I wish that the people that said they´d come to church would come to church. 

In d &c 89, where we get the word of wisdom, it says to only eat meat in times of famine and winter and cold. In spanish the translation is just the word hungry, so everyone thought it just meant hungry but it means famine, like about to die, because it also talks about famine in helaman 11. I explained that to Elder Cruz and he reacted like his leg just fell off.  He is a super funny elder, total goofball, and I've grown to love him a lot more this week. We've had super funny experiences together. 

Things in tonala are good, its pretty hot, it has only rained a couple times, we eat lots of rice, lots of meat and lots of tortillas. I work really hard to keep my shoes nice and shiny, but then they get all dustified in about 7 seconds. I'll live.

Have awesome weeks, stay sane with the wedding and all
I <3 (heart) you all
Elder Hulme

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