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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baptism postponed, "You are God?", McLoving Abinidi, carrot/walnut yogurt

Monday was probably one of the trickiest days of my life. We were absolutely estatic, because we had E.'s baptismal interview all scheduled. On Monday, we had to have the interview with one of the counselors of President Camarillo. Everyone got to the chapel on time and all was well. We were so pumped, because he is doing so well, going to church, and reading a ton of his Book of Mormon (about to finish Helaman).  In the interview, they decided to postpone the baptism for another two months. So pretty much that was a rough night for me, and if you ask my companion, I was a wreck.

Luckily, on Wednesday, we all had our personal interviews with President Camarillo. Pretty much, the dude is one of my all time favorites in the whole world. I love that man so much, and he helped me out a ton. At the end of the interview we were chatting and I told him thanks, because he had helped me a lot. (He always talks to me half in english and half in spanish, because he likes to practice) and he said "I am glad". But his accent is hard to understand, and I thought he said, "I am God." I questioned him "You are God?" because that is what I heard. Needless to say, it was funny and awkard, but all is well.

Today we had to go to the mission offices, because Elder Mar is in his 12 weeks training, so we were on the buses all day and there is no time to write stuff.

Read the Book of Mormon lots. I blew myself away, because I was studying the life of Abinidi in Mosiah, and there was tons of stuff that I had never noticed before and I was McLoving it.

I bought a very delicious homemade yogurt, that is carrot and walnut flavor. It has carrots and walnuts and we are friends.

All is well, I find life ever so lovely because Elder Mar and I are such good pals - it really makes a huge difference, and time is flying by too quickly. Also I learned that Elder Mar has been a bit shelterd in his life. I taught him how to clean a bathroom for the first time, and we have plans to make pancakes. He has never done either of those two things.

I came here to serve God, and that is all I want to do right now. I am loving it here in Mexico and I love you guys even more, I pray for every single one of you on the daily. 
Realize that the gospel has the things to answer our questions and doubts and what not, but we have to search it all out.
Love you all tons
Elder Hulme.

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