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Monday, April 14, 2014

Tortas ahogadas, 1st week with Elder Mar in Tonala, Conference, sweat is abundant

April 7, 2014
One of the foods that is native to Jalisco (the state) is Tortas ahogadas. Or drowned sandwiches. They are nuts tasty. I have had them before, but today was a good day to write about them. They take your sandwich, put it in a bowl sort of thing, put a lot of onion, and a special super-easy-to-make tomato soup-like sauce and literally drown it. The beauty of it all is they use a nice bread that is pretty tough, so when you drown it, it all just comes out tasty as can be, WITH, half a liter of mexican coke, you are good for the day. That is what I ate today.

Fresh out of the womb of the MTC. On Tuesday Elder Mar, from Veracruz Mexico was greeted here into Tonala. He is super great, and is not afraid to work hard with me. I imagine with every new elder there is tons of having to teach them the rules that they don't know and stuff like that, but he is very open to obeying all the rules. He gets really stinky really quickly, but that is alright because we love him. He is very very open to sharing, and really kind. The only problem I have run into is he mumbles everything into 1 long word. If he were to say. ¿a quĂ© horas salimos para ir a la capilla ? it sounds like ¿okaoraslimosa lucupiya? So i am having to listen very, very intently. But all is well. He is 19 years old, and eats mayonnaise like a wolf.

Conference was super killer. I only fell asleep for about 17 minutes in total, a little bit in both of the morning sessions. It was really great because I watched every session in English, except for the priesthood session. I understand everything in Spanish, but let's be real, Boyd K. Packer should sound as crusty as he is. (not meant to be harsh, just reality). I enjoy how pretty much all the talks on Saturday were directed to the youth. I hope that a lot of the youth can realize that if they don't shape up right now, they´s a be in big trouble. I really really loved Elder Bednars talk about carrying around a spiritual load, and that we should not worry so much about the things that do not matter. and that we need to push through all the loads we have. Also Pres Uchtdorfs Sunday morning. Really I was loving Sunday morning more than everything else, but they were all really good. I took a ton of notes but I forgot them in the house, so the next week I will throw some more notes in. EVERYONE FOLLOW THE INVITATION OF THE ONE ELDER AND GET A PREACH MY GOSPEL AND STUDY IT.

This week was a bit tough for the Pacheco family and Eduardo. Lets just say that the lord is hastening his work, but unfortunately the devil is as well. Yesterday Eduardo's spouse left him, and I have never felt so bad for a guy. I don't know if I know anyone one else who is so whole-hearted, and humble, but yet it seems like everything turns against him. We had a very spiritual lesson where we explained that if we are obedient to the commandments of God, after this life we will live in pure joy, so we should do everything we can to endure the trials and do everything to get to the celestial kingdom.

This week was really good with Elder Mar. Things are good here in Tonala. It is toasty warm and sweat is abundant.


Elder Hulme.

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