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Thursday, August 28, 2014

3rd week in Apatzingan-eggs, baptisms, jungle animals

August 25, 2014
Well kids, I am finally growing up. Our area is pretty darn poor, and I have eaten three times, where the main part of the food was egg. And I lived every single time. The trick is to just put it in a tortilla, and load it up with as much other stuff as you can, and with lots of salsa so it just burns the egg flavor away.

All went super well with our investigator Lorenza - she was totes baptized this week. I set up the baptismal program, because my companion was in Uruapan. The first lady to speak started her talk with a scripture from Moroni 8, where it just ridicules baptism of children. (All investigators were offended.) But we recovered everything and all went really well. Also, we are working really hard so that the  husband of Lorenza can get baptized within the next little bit. There are just some things that we are depending on.

Mom asked about the jungle animals we have over here. There are plenty of lizards, occasional iguanas, and ARMADILLOS, but they are more sneaky and hidden.

Our investigator Albertina is super good. For whatever excuse, she did not go to church yesterday. But she is reading the Book of Mormon a lot, and understands everything, so that is the best.

Yesterday I gave a talk about the Work of Salvation, which is a really long subject, but the talk was alright.

My stomach was super sick for seven days straight. Every time that I ate, within 3 hours, I was in the bathroom. But we got it all taken care of and life is glorious again.

One of my shoes broke, and I took it to the shoe repairman.YAY.

I had to go to Uruapan twice to do interchanges, and I spent over 8 hours in a bus this week, but it was all goood.

I know that this church is true, I know that we all have a savior and redeemer to help us in every moment, and I know the Book of Mormon is true.

Love you all so much
HUGS AND KISSES. elderhulme.


Efrain - from the other elders

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