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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rigoberto squared, 10 minute prayer, tempted by a pool

This week our investigator, (husband of Lorenza) and an investigator of the other elders of Apatzingan both of which named Rigoberto were baptized. The baptismal service was titled RIGOBERTO SQUARED.

This week was nuts and passed by in about two seconds.

On Thursday at 6:30am we were called and told we had to be in Uruapan for a special meeting with our mission president. We got all set up and ready to go and headed out. We waited for a long time, buuuuut it was an absolutely magnificent conference. He pretty much called everyone unto repentance, and then talked with everyone that wanted to talk with him. He helped us to look at life in another way, aaaaand is just the coolest mission president to live.

We also were getting things all super ready for the baptism of another one of our investigators, Basti. She is probably the most timid person on earth, but enjoys learning about the Savior and is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yay... Also her mother is from the church of the Jehovas Witness, pretty much it's all just really crazy in their house...

I ate more eggs this week. I have not vomited.

Last night it rained like it has never rained before. Elder Leon had his baptismal clothing outside drying, and it all fell down into the dirt - poor guy.

In the baptismal service, I asked one of the members who never gets to participate in anything to give the closing prayer. Turns out she didn't know how to pray, and ended up talking for about 10 minutes, and everyone almost flipped a brick.... I thought it was funny.

There is an investigator that has a pool in his house. Elder Hulme has never been so tempted.

I ate menudo. Which is a cow stomach soup. The texture is well, cow stomachy, but the flavor was yummers.

Other thoughts: Scott's kids are absolutely massive.

Mom asked how I feel that this week I will have one year in the mission. Honestly, it is absolutely wild. The last year has had some ups and downs, but mostly ups, and has flown by.

Last night Elder Leon and I went to town on a bag of cadbury eggs. It was glorious.

Sure do love you guys,
and sure do love my life.


Menudo (cow stomach soup)

Eating menudo

"Elder Hulme has never been so tempted..."

Elder Solorzano. There is one beer that thou shalt not drink.

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