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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer to Apatzingan, New Companion-Elder Leon

Well, after a lovely 7 months, I left TONALAAAA. They called us on Sunday and hooked us up with the news, and yesterday, I totally was on a bus from 11am until 7pm. At seven, we got here, I got with my new companion, Elder Leon, and we went and taught. Yes, my companion still has less than 5 letters in his name. wahooo.

Now that I am here, I cannot think of anything that happened in tonala the last week. We worked our butts off the last week, taught tons of lessons, and shredded the streets (as Jonny Bigelow tells me to do). And all payed off quite well. My last Sunday in Tonala, we had 18 less active members at church, a few investigators, and we had found 5 new investigators, and 3 of them accepted baptismal dates, and I am happy to say that I left that area with a lot more than what I got there with. 

It was honestly sad to leave elder Mar. I love that guy so much. But don't worry, I held in the tears really good.

What can I tell you about Apatzingan? Well it is crazy hot. It is in the state of Michoacan again, and it is one of the prettiest drives in the world from Guadalajara to here. Everything is super green and super great. My companion, Elder Leon, is from Oaxaca Mexico, and is a cool skinny little thing. He talks really fast and a lot, but luckily, I understand him, except when he mumbles. Mumbler.  Our area was closed for about 6 months, and then they sent the missionaries here again less than two months ago. Our house has nothing of a closet, and no storage, so we will be doing some make-shift things to hang up my clothes. Aaaaaaand, last night when I went to bed I was sweating, and when I woke up, I was still sweating, wahoo. You shower with cold water always, because you are always hot and it is super refreshing.

Nalgene was lost in the journey, so that was sad. 

I am still a district leader, but it is going to be a lot different, because this district is only us two, and one other companionship, so it's gonna be a riot. 

I am super happy and sticky to be here.
Love you tons.}
Sorry I took so long to write

Elder Hulme.

Cool Tonala things

I picked him up

Silly kids from da streets

My new suit

Elder Hulme and Elder Mar

I found Elder Lux!!!!


Elder Leon

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