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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Torta ahogada, ward progress, free pizza & cake, finished BofM again

July 28, 2014
Local pothead, gets crazy on the street freestyle rap

The world's cutest dog Kilo. (Elizabeth and Andy's new pup)

Elder Hulme, machete and mowing lawns (lawn mowers are better)

The favorite neighborhood drunk RUEBEN... has his name tatooed on his body more than five times

Budhin, the best bakery item

Ingredients and process of torta ahogada, in plastic bag

I think I had already sent you guys photos of a torta ahogada, which means a drowned sandwich. But Elder Mar and I took it to a whole new level today. We have seen tons of people do it where they put it all in a plastic bag and you eat it like a hot otter pop. Lets just say, it's one of the ghetto-est, loveliest creations of god. We ate them in our house today and it was tasty stuff.

This week was a really good one. Unfortunately, the investigator pool is a little bit low. We have been looking for new investigators all the week long, but pretty much we did lots of walking and little finding, but we live to tell the day, so it's all good. 

This week, while waiting in front of a door with really shiny glass, Elder Mar flexed and said, "Look how big my muscles look," and it gave me the chuckles.

Last night I woke up at about 5 in the morning, and I was all  turned around in my bed. I don´t know how it happened. 

Everything is super good with Elizabeth. We are finally getting a little bit of support from the ward with them, where they go and visit her and establish some what of a friendship. Aaaaand the ward is progressing super well. We've had some new families move into the ward that are a lot more excited about working, and they help to get things done, so it's great. Yesterday, someone called us and asked if we wanted to stop by their house and pick up some pizza and birthday cake. The answer was YES.

This week, I finished reading the Book of Mormon. Honestly, I have always known that the book of mormon is true, and every time that I read it, and I pray asking God again, I can feel a reconfirmation that it is true. How the Holy Ghost works is one of the most interesting things in the world. But it sure is the best. The book of mormon is the most correct book on the planet. All of you ought to read it, and get an even stronger testimony.

Sure love every single one of you.
Don't murmur like Laman and Lemuel.


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