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Monday, November 10, 2014

Trued a wheel, primary program, wild rain storm

November 10, 2014

This is one of my favorite stories of this week... I like talking to the people that have bikes because bikes are cool (even though pretty much all the bikes here are "Tuesday" machinery, (its all good.)) The other week I talked with a guy with a small little bike joint. We went and talked with him this week. He was super excited to hear about the Gospel and has been hearing from quite a few different churches but all in all is really interested. AaAAand he also asked me if I knew how to true wheels and if I`d teach him. Sooo.. This week I trued a steel rim, from probably 1832, using an ex mtb front fork, lodged in a bucket of cement. It was awesome. 

This week we had an amazing lesson with Federico and Maria (recent converts). Pretty much they are some of the favoritest people on the whole planet. Aaaand this week Federico received the Priesthood, and is progressing ever so well.

Yesterday was the primary program. It wasn't quite as good as the ones back home, but it had it's funny parts, and the lil' kids sure were cute. I also drew a picture of Elder Matthews with a mustache, because he had not shaved.

Last night there was a wild rain storm - it was loud enough to wake me up. I also had a dream that Simon got super duper skinny and was withering away. Simon, don`t wither. 

Iguana tastes a lot like chicken, but it is a little bit tougher. They seasoned it up in a stew, and it had a whole bunch of spices and a whole bunnnch of LOVE!

When the bishop confirms someone, or gives a blessing, He always focuses a ton by saying "name of the person NO DESMAYE" or "Don't faint." So that is pretty fun.

Tomorrow I have to go to Morelia for a leadership meeting. The good news is, the bus leaves at 4am - wahooooo. 

I really love life. 
It is passing too quickly.
Go to the temple. My invitation still stands.
Love you alllllllz

don elder hulme el panadero con 3 barritas magicas y una lata de atun

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