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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I baptized our cell phone, daily miracles, trip back to Morelia

This week one of my favorite investigators was baptized. He is one of my favorites because a couple months of go we were walking and I saw a guy who looked like the worst spanish teacher at my high school, so I totally talked to him. He was reading a hunger games book.  But then turns out he is just a stellar dude, who needed the gospel, and who was ready to change and was totally just a score. 

I also baptized our cell phone. I left it in my pocket, and totally cleansed it from all sin (even though it was not confirmed). It still works. I blowed all the water out of it from the air dryer that in the bathroom. (Oooooops)

It is pretty much the best thing in the world just walking around all day every day helping people get closer to Christ. It's the best. 

I never commented you guys anything about Osiel and his baptism, because we weren't all that sure because he needed special interviews and everything. Buuuut now everything is good.

Also we have an investigator, named Ana. The first day I met her, she told me she would never pray, that she didn´t want to know anything about the gospel, and that she was catholic forever. 
My companion at the time told me to not waste my time with her. A few months ago we wiggled her into going to church, and she has been going every week. We started talking more and more, and have gotten her to pray. She reads the Book of Mormon, AAAAnd yesterday in church she told us that she wants to be baptized this coming week. It is pretty wild because we have seen a true change in her. One of my zone leaders was in this area, and he also told me that it would be a miracle if we even got her to go to church. Well now she's a be baptized.

Pretty much we see miracles on the daily. The only recent convert that wasn't in church yesterday was Lorenza due to her health.

On Tuesday at 1:40am. I boarded a bus. We arrived in Morelia at 5:30am, waited for a while, and went to a training in MORELIA. My child, Elder MAR, is a zone leader, I am proud. After the zone meeting I was informed that I was going to be working for one day in Camelinas (my first area) with Elder Mar. Honestly, it was just like a whole bunch of love. We visited three of my favorite families that day, and it was one of the best experiences... 

We are working really hard, and that is about it. It was cold in Morelia. Sweaters are the bomb; especially when you have to use them.

Elder Martinez and I are setting a mission record for not having a single fight, problem, or blow up/tantrum in all the time we have together.
I slept a grand total of 8 hours in two days. Sitting in a bus station.

It is wild how excited I got to be in my first area, and with my first child, Elder Mar. You make some of the best friends in the whole wide world over here, and it is just splendid.

This is Frederico and part of his super duper family

Chineeeese foooood

I love you all

Elder Hulme.

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