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Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday, baptisms, drain-cleaning, Goofy with green eyes

October 27, 2014

Mom's questions:
1 and 2. My birthday was spectacular and super busy. On Friday we bought a cake to save it until Saturday. On Saturday, we were really busy getting everything all set and ready to go for the baptism of Federico and his wife and kid.
3. The week with Federico was awesome, mainly because every lesson we have with them is suuuuper spiritual, and everyone leaves the house high as a kite on spiritual goodness.
5. Elder Martinez and I are doing really good. Our relationship is a bit weird. I clean up all of his messes, which are plentiful. Also, I feel like I am game to clean whatever it takes now. For example, this morning I had to take apart two different drains and clean them all really good. I took out about a tennis ball`s worth of backed-up missionary hair gunk. (I did not vomit, but I wanted to.)
6. I don`t ever have to sign my visa again on my mission.

The baptisms that we had this week were pretty darn stressful, because everyone gets everywhere late. The baptism that was supposed to start at 6pm, started at 6:45, because the baptismal candidate got there at 6:35. The good news is, everything went well. 

I will attach photos of one of the first dogs that I like. His name is Goofy, and we are good pals. If you get the photo right, his eyes turn into crazy green laser shooting balls.

This week was one of the most spiritual that I`ve had in a good long while, and I loved every minute of it. 

We had set the goal to have 5 baptisms for this month. It took a bunch of faith, praying, acting, using time wisely, and relying on God, but all in all, it was ever so satisfactory to be able to say that we completed the goal. 

We had stake conference this week. There was a small amount of blasphemy and it was really really funny.  Our stake center is in Uruapan, where the weather reminds me of Portland, and it is a glorious glorious thing. It has been really toasty the last couple days.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am 20 years old, that is old.
I bought myself a carrot cake, it was lovely.

Sure love you guys, and sure love where I am at. I would not change what I`ve got for the world right now.

Take care of yourselves,

Elder Hulme.

A dog I like named Goofy

Birthday cake - Carrot

Birthday spork and bike shop t-shirt


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