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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Balloons and goals, sleep is a long lost friend, no cats in the bible

February 2, 2015

This week was suuuuuupers wild. 
Monday was normal, Tuesday as well.
On Wednesday we had the lidership counsel with the zone leaders sister training leaders, and the Pres. Camarillo and his wife.  We did a super fun activity about completing goals in which we had to set a goal of how many balloons we could blow up as a companionship in 1 minute. We did it, analyzed how well we did, and then afterwards set a new, higher goal, and did it again. Let's just have it known that Elder Lopez and I blew up 18 balloons together in 1 minute. Lungs r good. The meeting ended really late, we got all the packages for the zone, and were waiting for a taxi. A member showed up, gave us a ride and took us out to eat a Burger King (considered nice food over here). It was honestly quite tasty.

Thursday is always full of gummi bears as we do our weekly planning, so that makes things niiiice. And in the night we were getting everything all set up to give the zone meeting all souped up and ready to go.

Friday, we had the zone meeting, full of pretty much everything we did in the lidership counsel. And afterwards we had planned out to do companionship exchanges with Tonala 1. So once again, I got to return to my area. It was super great because I got to see a lot of the investigators that I had found over there and some of my favorite members. And I took a picture with my favorite neighborhood drunk.

Saturday we got back into our area and had a good little day. In the whole mission, we are struggling a bit to complete goals, namely in finding new investigators, getting investigators to go to church, and a whole bunch of things. So we have been giving a ton of follow-up with the district leaders, and pretty much our life is nuts. Sleep is a long lost friend. 

This week a got the nicest card from the Cope family, with a super shredding christmas cd.  I still listen to it. I wrote them a letter back, I just have to send it. But if you see them, tell them thanks. 

I sure am glad that I have gotten to get to know my Savior, his gospel, and his church. I love what I am doing, and love you all so much.
Thanks for all your support.

Elder Hulmje.

We sent a photo of one of Oli's old seminary tests to him. Notice his answer for #18.
(I should have paid better attention in seminary, turns out it never talks about cats in the bible)

Favorite Tonala neighborhood drunk

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