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Monday, February 9, 2015

Stinky cyber, glorious m&ms, we found a family, jackfruit

The kid next to me in the cyber is watching Go Go Power Rangers videos, and I hear it all. This cyber smells exactly as you might think a 4x7 meter room with 17 video game addicts between 14-19 years of age, all of which are sweaty and stinky pills. So it is a riot. 

Every week is the fastest thing in the whole world. Honestly there are some problemitas in our zone, so on frequent occasions we have to be super duper gypsy ladies, and go help them study, to make sure they are studying efficiently and getting things done. We studied with a companionship, that in the last two months, has received 4 big Costco bags of m&ms. After an intense study learning session, we ate a large amount of m&ms. GLORY.

We have been on a wild goose chase for new investigators - but not just people that are willing to listen, but people that are prepared to accept the gospel, that are ready to have their lives changed through the atonement and gospel of Jesus Christ. This Saturday this vision was done. I honestly felt like Martin Luther King Junior, having dreams and such. Saturday, all of our plans had fallen -- hard. We took a looks to someone that we had wanted to contact from a couple of weeks back, and when we got there, he was not there. But someone that works for him was, and we started talking to him and started a lesson (the house is super nice and I felt fancy pants.(nice break from the usual)). After about 15 minutes, the family that we were originally looking for showed up, and it was like the first time someone mated peanut butter with chocolate -- glorious. Pretty much we found a family that is super willing to learn and accept the gospel. They have their problems and doubts, but we are going to do everything that is in our way to help them to exaltation...... 

The weather is a bit tricky right now. It is crazy crazy cold in the mornings, and then in the afternoon, it isn´t so much hot out, it just feels like the sun is a laser and that it is melting your skin with its fiery beams.

Today I bought a green tie, so that is a plus. I also ate a bowl of oatmeal and a bowl of Choco Crispies for breakfast, so we can all say that I am good. 

Last week I tried a new fruit called YAKA (Jackfruit?). Supposedly, it tastes like 7 different fruits: papaya, mango, banana, and I don´t remember the rest. It is a crazy little fruit and it was really quite tasty.

I really like being a missionary. I love sharing the gospel. Sure love you all. 
We have got another really busy week coming up so wahooo. 

Elder Hulme.


These notes were written to the mom separately:

Just a real quick favor. I know that there was no sort of bad intention...Just for the future, they don't want the families to send any sort of toys or little cars or anything of the sort. Turns out they can get you in doggy-doo-doo trouble. Don't  worry, all is super well. Just a head's up. Luv your guts mom.

Hey Mom, just wanted to say happiest birthday. This week it is your birthday and that is fun stuff. I hope you enjoy it and sorry I can't be there. But just you wait - I'll be there for the next one. You're the best mom a boy could ask for. Don't forget it. Have a stellar week.

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