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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jello, best dude ever, Christmas tamales, ponche

Hello my friends, 

There is literally very little time to write emails today. I got sick yesterday. I called the mission president's wife to tell her I was going to take some ibuprofen because I didn´t feel well, (it's a rule), but then she told me I had to go see a doctor. I didn´t like this order, because I know that it is just a cold, and what-not. Moral of the story, when you wake up on Sunday, and it feels like there is a large cactus in your throat, just take the ibuprofin and don´t ask questions. But no need to worry, I ate some jello for breakfast and feel great. JELLO. If any of you knew how much jello we eat here, you´d be astonished. Seriously we eat tons of jello and I have no idea why, but I really like jello now, especially flavor purple.

Also we had to go to a foot doctor today for Elder Lux. He's been rocking a gnarly ingrown toenail for a month now, and decided it was time to check it out. wahoo.

Jeez, you kids had a crazy fun week it sounds like, and mom thanks for the christmas wishes and all that good stuff. I already know what I'm getting myself for christmas, this week. A sister in our ward is going to the temple, and I've got her all hooked up with money to buy me these really cool spanish scripture cases that say Mexico all over them. I'm pretty excitered. 

This week we found the best dude ever. His name is Jose C. He has been a drunk for farrr too long. He came to us, and said he was sick of being a drunk, was sick of feeling like a bum, and was spiritually lost, and wanted God to be a part of his life. GOLDEN. We had our first lesson with him on Tuesday, we told him and did everything we could to help him leave his alcoholic ways, he has been sober ever since. On Tuesday when we first met him, he looked like, well, your typical drunk, grubby clothes, raccoon eyes and scrappy beard. Kind of *tuesday-esk* We had another lesson with him on Thursday, and when we got to his house, he was in the other part of the house, so we were talking with his mom and dad for a little bit. He came downstairs and looked like one million bucks. 1000000$$$. He had completely changed up his clothes shaved and looked all spiffy. I didn't recognize him to be for realsies. We have been trying to keep him involved in whatever we can, to keep his mind away from alcohol. One of the other wards had their christmas party last week, so we took him to that, he also came to church on Sunday. The lessons that we have had with him have been incredible, because he actually wants to change. He says that he'll do anything to get his life back together. It's lovely to finally have someone who wants to go to church, and who has the desire to become closer to God, even if it requires the slightest amount of effort. We have another lesson with him today, really soon, and I am STOKED. we love Jose C. 

Dad, it was your birthday, I love your new trombone, and you'd best be practicing every day. 
Also in that christmas party we were at they had some amazing tamales. They had tamales flavored red, green (CHRISTMAS SPIRIT) And also a sweet tamale, that was flavor pineapple. Lets just say that christmas tamales are great things. There is this stuff here called ponche, its pretty much just like a cider, or wassail, but it is made with red fruits and served hot, and it is tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty stuff.

You guys got to see all of your friends this week, the olpins, the fishers, jon hansen, and mom had bookgroup, what could get better than that. Speaking of friends, the tienda that is right by our house is called *abarrotes Fer* A couple weeks ago I asked the owner his name and it is fernando, thus he calls his tienda  abarrotes FER. He is this frompy dude, with a funny haircut, that knows a little bit of english and always talks to me in english, he is the best and is one of my friends. He is a good friend.

Tomorrow we have a christmas party of sorts with the president with everyone in my zone and another zone. It will be a good time I think. 

Mothers questions:
1. I don't know when the next time I go to Guadalajara will be, probably not for a while, those last couple weeks were just extra special special.
2. This week was good, very stressful, and at times very disappointing, and at times very rewarding. I think that is how missionary work is in general. But one of our investigators didn't show up to three of the appointments we had with her during a week, so that stank. But it was a good week. It went by crazy fast.
3. Spanish is good. If the setting is controlled, I feel 94% confident. But there is hardly anywhere quiet in this city; there are always cars driving crazy, car alarms, dogs barking, babies crying, cars honking, and music playing somewhere. To celebrate christmas everyone does a ton of fireworks all the month of December. So at times it is REALLY hard to hear. 
4. We don't know exactly where we will be on christmas, I have somewhat of an idea, but it is not set in stone.

Christmas is just next week, that is nuts crazy. I'm pretty darn excited to talk with you guys. That'll be the best christmas present ever. I feel like I haven't talked with you kids in forever, but it has been 2 months. Also, I have been reading a lot in the bible, I like the bible, I mainly love the scriptures now. But for reals kids, this year, I feel like everyone is old enough to really get their minds set on the reason we celebrate christmas. JESUS. I love the tradition that our family has of reading the christmas story every year, but try to keep christ in mind and think less about gifts, giving or receiving. 

Love you all the most, hope that your weeks were super great, and that the skiing is good, and that the snow keeps falling, and that you drink way too much wassail, and eat way too many christmas goodies. (nobody here uses their ovens to bake tasty desserts, they just eat jello. I MISS HOMEMADE COOKIES).

with lots of loves love.


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  1. Man! I really love this boy! His letters are great, Valene. Thank you so much for posting them regularly so we can keep up with his latest adventures. :D