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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Too many coconuts, grocery shopping, skyping, royal planching

We had to make a gift for the mission Christmas party. I made a really crappy snowman to hold your photos. I apologized to the girl that got it.
Elder Lux, Elder Hulme, Elder Perrett (Zone Leader)

Elder Maughan, Elder Jenkins 
Elder Miller, Elder Hulme (from same MTC district)

Giant snowman pinata with Elder Lux

This week we made friends with a people that have a coconut selling firm, well a small business that is a little sketchy. The two coolest dudes are named d and e. D gave us free coconuts. I ate wayyyyy too much coconut. Xander, you know exactly what happens when you eat too much coconut. bahaaaa. Needless to say, coconuts are tasty.

Mom, yes I got your big package a few weeks ago. The small package I have not seen. But we only get mail once a month, because the mission offices send it to us via the zone leaders. So I'll probably get it in January.

Grandma Dot is Number 1! I got her package. The silverware poked through the wrapping paper, but let her know that we loved the treats that she sent, especially the chocolates. Elder Lux devoured those. As did I. And we are excited to get the silverware and the other mystery present. Grandma is the best best. 

I did my grocery shopping today. I'm a big boy now. Mom, to answer your question, this is what I bought:
one canteloupe
some strawberries
3 avocados
a ton of bananas
I eat oatmeal every day for breakfast, but then I hook my oatmeal up with tons of fruit, like strawberries, bananas, apples, and guavas. It's super tasty. 

CHRISTMAS. I will Skype you guys at 4:00pm MEXICO TIME. Which I think is 3pm your time. But yeah, skype skype, (I will do everything I can to be punctual at 4pm mexico time sharp, but mexicans are late, always, with everything). I cannot wait to chat with you kids.

This last week we had our christmas activity with our president and all the elders and sisters from Morelia, and another district. It was fun, but at the beginning, we got a ROYAL PLANCHING. To planch someone in spanish means to iron them, or grill them. President has got some new and very difficult expectations for us, but that is no reason that we shouldn't complete them. 

Man every week mom hooks me up with everything that has happened during the week, which is a ton, how do you guys have enough time to do all of this things, going to parties and going to wedding receptions. I forgot that Budders Walker was getting married, that is crazy, but WAHOO. 

This week was good, a little tough but good. Right now everyone is out of town or at parties all the time, so we have had multiple days of pretty much just trying to find people to talk to because no one is home. Mexico loves parties, and they party hard. Starting on the 18th, pretty much everybody goes to a different "pasado" (huge party), and parties. From what I can tell they usually start around six or seven and go all night. That is another fun thing, they are not afraid to stay up all night and do fireworks the whole month of December. 

You guys are the best, and I hope you all have the best christmaseseses ever.I sure love you all so much, and I hope yours Christmases rock da hawwwwssss. 

say hello to all the family

ps, don't be afraid to send pictures via email because I can print them here.

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