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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tripa torta, Christmas devotional, New Testament is cool, any day with mole is a good day

Ok first things first, kids. Every night we pass by a tienda. There are two tiendas on the street right out in front of our house, one of which has this guy named Fernando, who I really enjoy. But the other tienda, has street food with tacos and tortas and all that jazz, and we pass by every day, and it always smells sooooo goooood. So on Friday, we decided we'd stop by. I got a torta, which I love tortas, they are everything you would ever want, greasy, big nice bread, with melty cheese, lovely. I ordered a "tripa" torta. I had heard people talk about tripa, but hadn't ever tried it, so I did. Then they had all these spicy salsas to choose from, which works out well because now I can eat spicy food like a mexican, it's great. We got to the house and ate them - never has a torta tasted so incredible, it seriously cannot be explained. After we finished Elder Lux asked me if I liked the tripa, so I told him that it was tasty tasty tasty tasty. I asked why he wondered if I liked it, I thought it was just some sort of typical meat cut, that I just hadn't ever tried. I looked up tripa, and learned it is cow intestine, well this stuff was cow intestine. AND I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT OKAY.

The next day we were out doing our work, and our next appointment was forever away, and we had a lot of time, I was like hey Elder Lux, is it okay if we stop by the house I should probably use the toilet before this appointment. The walk was about forty minutes, and it was a death march, I was about as close as you could get to ruining a pair of garments, when we got to the corner of our street, I gave him the keys and made him run forward and unlock the doors so I could hurry to the bathroom with no mistakes. Moral of the story, cow intestine is a delicious meat, but it blows right through Elder Hulme....yay.

Hey, where did all that snow come from? seriously, that is the best. SIMON DON'T CRASH STARFIRE CABBAGE PLUS. You kids be careful out there with all that snow and ice, because if you end up crashing into a Prius, or a tree, it could cost a shiny penny or two. 

This week we had more divisions, I was with Elder Jenkins (our district leader from Eden, Utah) and we were in my area. It was cool because it was the first time I lead my area, which was a bit spooky at first, but it went super duper well. We had tons of lessons with investigators and also, there is this return missionary in the ward who is super great, because he wants to help us out. So if we need a member to come out and help us he is super accessible and since he's only been home for like a month. He knows his stuff really well. I feel like I'm learning to handle some of the things people do better. I don't know why people accept appointments with us when I feel like they already know that they are going to flake out, but I've learned to cope with it and make the best. But the other day, we had tons of appointments, and every single one fell through, but all is well. 

I started the New Testament the other week, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME TO READ IT BEFORE? The New Testament is the coolest. I started Mark today, and it is super cool because I recognize all the stories and parables, from sunday school and all that, but right now they mean a lot more to me and I understand it.  Also, this morning I was reading in Mosiah, and in 2:41, it talks about how if we obey the commandments of God, we will be blessed spiritually and temporally. That was cool, because right now we have a recent convert named M, and his girlfriend E, who is one of our investigators, who just recently informed us that they are living together again, even though M knew that they couldn´t live together before his baptism, and E wants to be baptized, but she is now living with her boy toy again. But we were trying to explain to them that when we do what God asks, God hooks us up with blessings. The problem is when you explain this to people they want you to know exactly what blessings they will receive. Unfortunately the scriptures//commandments don´t give us an X+Y=Z equation with a derivative of what the Z blessings are.

Mom, you asked about if stores and everything get all decorated here like they do in the states. They don't really. Some people will do lights and stuff, but not nearly the same. My favorite parts of all the Christmas decorations, is that they all are so incredibly tacky and cheap, it is so funny. I think it's mainly because the electrical bills and all that are super high if you have extra lights running every night for a month, so pretty much only the rich people do. 

We got to eat mole yesterday. Any day with mole is a good day. Also, we got to watch the Christmas devotional, that was super awesome. At the beginning they were having some technical difficulties, so it was in English for a little bit, but then they figured it out and we watched it in Spanish. Spanish is great too, but it loses some of its authenticity when President Uchtdorf doesn't have his cool German accent, and when M. Russel Nelson sounds like he is 25, but the messages are still great. 

It doesn't feel like Christmas because it is super hot in the day times, but I cannot wait to talk with you guys. I received the email with the information today, so I will look at that. Things I know - It will probably be on Christmas. It will be before 7:00pm Mexico time, and we will use skype, so get your skype skills up to date, and if you wanted to make an account for me and make it so we are friends, that way I can log on and we can CHAT, and have no conflicts. 

This was an awesome week for Elder Lux and I, I hope you guys had good ones as well. 
Keep it cool
Love you all tons.

-elder Hulme.

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