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Friday, March 7, 2014

Tejuino, Grow an Ankle, Talk on Love and Charity

February 24, 2014

*Tejuino is a stellar fermented corn beverage that is both healthy and delicious. (yes I checked with the authorities and it is not against the word of wisdom) But tejuino, they have it all made, then when you buy it, they put salt sugar and lime in the cup, and its TASTYYYYYY.
*Today I washed my watch band for the first time, 4 months of mexican sweat does a number, but now it smells fresh as can be, and back to the regular color.
*I am ready to chop off my ankle and grow a new one, like a lizard, I keep on spraining it even though I wear my brace every day, I will send a picture of the roads one day and  you will see why.
*Don't worry about the bed bugs mom, we super killed them all. If you buy this really strong chemical, and soak the mattress in it, they go away, we are fine.
*There is this soap that is made of hay, and it is the best smelling thing in the world. 

This week was marvelous, even though it went by super slow. But yesterday, yesterday was a day. The family of five without furniture (family pacheco hernandez) they all came to church again and loved it. AaAAAND, Our investigator Eduardo came to church, Eduardo is stellar, because he is always reading his Book of Mormon, but he understands everything and thinks about everything and applies everything. Every time we have lessons with him I just want to invite him to come be a missionary with us, mainly just to hang out, because I love him.

We got a new sister missionary in the district this week. Poor little thing doesnt understand a lick of Spanish and got sick in her first week. It is really hard for her and her companion, but I do what we can to help them.

Things with my companion are good. I have to do a lot to avoid contention, and sometimes I have to lay down the law with a lot of love, but it is all good.

I spoke this week in church about Love and Charity. I think it went really well, especially since it was in spanish and I prepared it 1 hour before chruch. 

I'm reading in Revelation, that book is nuts.
Get married  (if you're living with your boy/girl friend) before you tell the missionaries you want to get baptized, it makes things easier.

District leaders have to do divisions with every elder in their district every transfer, which is rough, because we have a district of 10, but 2 are sisters. Still, I have to do 6 divisions, but all the other elders are in Guadalajara, which means I get to go there more, wahoo.

Things are going super well here in the missionary life. As a missionary you learn a lot about patience, which is a good thing, also humility, you really just learn a ton of stuff, and I love mission.

Mom and dad, you guys should start thinking about buying a house here, It would definitely be worth it, homes are cheap cheap cheap and Mexico is the coolest.

Keep on keeping on and do your family prayers!.

Lmer Hme

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