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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tonala, tons of dust, no shade, crush on shoes, low water baptism

Moms questions first:
1. Things are really good here in Tonalá. There is a saying in Guadalajara which is "qué dice,... Like, qué dice tonalá." It just means what's going on, or what's up, and now when people ask "qué dice tonalá," we respond "puro pulvo," which just means pure dust, because seriously there is crap tons of dust here. I get my shoes reallllly shiny, and then I leave the house and they are dusty yet again. All the roads are dirt.  Things are good, we had tons of lessons with investigators this week, but I cannot seem to get the members to help us out at all. We had 7 lessons with investigators, without members, which is the worst, but things will pick up again.
I love you sunsets
2. No we have not ridden in Starfire II again. Well Elder Cruz maybe, because we had divisions this week and Hermano Meza helped again.

3. Eduardo is true love in a man - He always reads his scriptures, always remembers exactly what we teach him, and asks wonderful questions. He is this rad little dude, with one eye that looks at you and the other somewhere else. He works some sort of construction for very little pay on the daily.

4. Twisted ankle is good. I think I did some internal damage in the MTC, because I have some sort of weird scarring, that looks like scabs on the inside of my FLESH, yummmm. But it still gets really swollen, so I'm still using my brace.

5. My companion is good. We had some little contentions this week, but my strategies are ignore what I can and try to do everything I can to help him out. Sometimes the kid makes me sad, so I cook him breakfast, FRANCH TOAST.. (I eat carrot and clementine smoothie with toast, it's tasty.).

Service cleaning up trash (everyone litters here)
 Woohoo for a new fridge, and my is it fancy, and large. Turns out mini fridges aren't that cool. Just so you guys know, the dishwasher is going to need to be replaced soon as well, I can feel it in my blood and guts. 

This week we had divisions, I was in GUADY LOOJARA. Let's just say I am in love with that city. I was there with Elder Verdugo, (District leader), he is the Mexican equivalent of Soren Jensen; looks the same, talks the same, smells the same, and he is great. It was lovely to work in Guadalajara. It's a big ol' city and their area is really small, but it was nice because there is shade. Tonala has no shade. Sometimes at about 12p/1pm, I feel like I am melting on the inside. But I love it here as well. Also Elder Verdugo has a man crush on shoes, so we talked about shoes for a good amount of time. Also he eats broccoli for breakfast like me. He is a killer elder. He turned 25 yesterday, and he works hard, which I like, because sometimes I feel like I'm herding sheep in my area. But it's what the Lord and Presiden Camarillo want.
Glad to hear that the bike shop is going and that you kids got it all done. I almost cried seeing the old space all cleared out, but it will be incredibly interesting to see what will go there, and I can't wait to see all the photos of the new space. I HOPE YOU DIDNT FORGET MY BIKES.

I bought some vitamins last week. I figured I needed them, because for pretty much all the meals we eat rice, tortillas, and some sort of fleshmeat.

Organization is key. The sisters had a baptism this week at eight, and we showed up at 10 to eight, because they said they did not need any help setting up. We got there, there was no water in the font, no chairs set up and nobody there. Good planning sisters. We did what we could to fill the font up, and Elder Cruz did the dunking. (Church site still only has size 52 baptismal pants.) But the water was so low, (about mid thigh on someone who is 5.8) that the investigator had to sit down, and Elder Cruz had to kneel. The two of them lack a lot of grace and he hit his head on the wall, I had to hold in my laughs real good. Needless to say, it was a fiasco, and if we have learned anything, plan your baptisms good, sister missionaries.

Sure love you all so much, and you guys are the best, 
Have awesome weeks. Xander is getting married in less than 2 weeks, jeezth.

Elder Hulme. <3

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