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Monday, March 31, 2014

Primogenito, Transfers/Training, Pacheco Cancelled, Museums Closed Mondays

Firstborn. On Saturday I got a text message from our mission president, asking me to call him. I called him and he told me that Imma going to train a new elder, fresh out of the oven from the MTC. There are only 2 elders coming into the mission this week, so it´ll be one of them. And for today and last night I have been with Elder Hernandez, he is the other elder who is going to train. So the next week I will have all the information about my firstborn child. I am really excited to train. He will probably be latin, and we is gonna have a party, I can feel it. We have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to take 2 buses to the mission offices. We will have a training, and then receive the new elders.
King Kong on da tires

Sam totally shattered his bone, he showed that bone who is in charge, but poor kid that doesn't look like that much fun.

General Conference this week. All the information I've got is that it will be in a different chapel. Our chapel is super tiny, and we are going to a large one to watch conference. Almost everyone watches it in their homes or in the church. I don't know if I will be able to watch it in English. I would prefer to, but now that I speak the both of them it makes things easier, but let's be real, the translated voices lose a lot of their power. I am super excited, especially because in the past few months I have learned a lot more about the power of  the words of the prophets. It makes me wish I hadn't slept during General Conference in years past, well at least not through the talks of the big dogs. 

We drink plenty of juice in a bag. This one is just called "Fruit". It has tons of sugar and mashed up fruit and is tasty stuff
This week we had a big old bummer. We had lessons with the Pacheco family. On Wednesday, the night before the baptismal interview, the mom was expressing a lot of doubt, and saying that she was not ready. She has the concept that to be baptized you have to know a ton of stuff, but we explained to her that you don't need a ton of knowledge; you need to be willing to follow the commandments. But she was still just a stresss bucket.
Then on Thursday afternoon she called everything off. We have a feeling that she talked with one of her family members convinced her to not be baptized. I know that God is going to help us how, in the near future, to save these souls, but it was a huge bummer.

Yesterday I spent 5 hours on buses. wahooooooooo. We had to go to the mission offices to bring Elder Hernandez here just to work with me. But it was cool because we talked with 16 people on the buses.

Today Elder Hernandez and I went to search for the museums. The bad news is both the National Ceramic Museum and the other one we went to close EVERY MONDAY. So that is just fabulous, but we live. We walked up this hill called Cerro de la Reina which is at the top of Tonala, where you can see all the city. The only bummer is that the air quality is pretty scummy right now.

Mom and dad, its crazy that you guys are growing up to be empty nesters.

That is all for this week. I hope you all have stellar weeks. 

Elder Hulme. Son. 

The Ex-Zone

Elder Hulme, Elder Cruz, Elder Hernandez. I am with Elder Hernandez today while we wait for the delivery of our children.

On top of the world

Cerro del la Reina. The temple-like building is the one that changes colors at night.

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