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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sneezing, Elizabeth, cement, new suit

July 21, 2014

This week was a goooood one. Also just so it's clear, Elder Mar always sneezes tons. We decided to count one day. He got to thirty seven. THAT IS LOTS OF SNEEZING.

So this week, I was on divisions with the zone leaders, which was a good thing. I was with a cool cat from Murray, Utah, Elder Summers. Everything was suuuper good. We had everything all planned out to have his companion do the baptismal interview with Elizabeth while we were on divisions.   At about 7:40pm, they sent us a message saying that Elizabeth had to wait another week to be baptized. So pretty much my whole heart dropped and felt like a turd. Then when I called them to take the daily dats that they take every night, they told me that it was all a joke and that everything was all good for her baptism. Needless I was about to punch someone in the throat, but at the same time suuuuper excited.

The baptism was Friday and everything went stellar. Elder Mar baptized her, and I confirmed her on Sunday. All went super well in the baptismal program. We asked Elizabeth to share her testimony during the program. When she got up, she talked about how for a long time in her life she has been feeling like there was something missing in her life, and that now that space is filled. It was a rad experience. And everything is going and has gone golden rod with Elizabeth. I am super glad that someone who really needed the gospel, was able to find it, and wants to live it and have it in their lives. 

This week we offered to help an investigator put up a cement wall in his house, it was already there with bricks, and we loaded it up with cement. It was super fun and I got covered in cement. But it was cool to see how they do the walls and what-not and to learn a little bit. 

Pretty much that is what was going on this week. We had tons of interviews and baptismal interviews this week. Oh today, I may or may not have bought a new suit. Okay, I definitely did, but don't worry about it kids, it looks good. 


Elder Hulme.

Their kid is the cutest lil guy

There are these little things called mototaxis, which are great because they are faster than buses, and if you can sweet talk the person, you can get them for just as cheap as a bus.

This one cost the same as a bus, but it took us to a part of our area in 15 minutes, which normally takes 1 hour 10 minutes to walk. Yay.   
They take a motorcycle and turn it into a person hauling machine

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