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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ate an habanero and chicken foot, Jaime/Elizabeth, yay for tacos, missionary work

Today we were in my favorite fruit and vegetable store, and we started talking to one of the chumps that worked there, and he told me he'd give be 20 pesos to eat a whole habanero pepper. I was super up for the challenge, and a bit scared, but I did it, and I lived. It was a bit like eating a lot of gasoline with some matches, but with a really good flavor. I had some sweet mouth after-burn for 35 minutes afterwards, but it's all good. 

This week was a bit trickier. Sadly, our super great investigator, Jaime, and his son moved to the other mission, so that was the worst. They were a super poor family and hadn't been paying their rent for a good amount of time, so they had to head on out. We are still trying to get a hold of him so the missionaries over there can get in touch.

On the good news, everything for Elizabeth is going super well. She impresses me on the daily. She doesn't have the slightest of problems with the word of wisdom, and is already married, and with all the commandments we teach, she is super willing to obey them. AAAAand, even though she works the night shift (starts work at 8.00pm and finishes at 8am) she still comes to church, and tries to learn lots. She's a GEM. Also she invited us to eat with her this week. That was super good because we had a lot more time to chat with her and she opened up more. Also, her husband is super rad - he has been a member his whole life, but less active for a good portion of it, but he is a cool cat. 

A sister gave us this almond chicken to eat this week, and I totes ate the chicken foot. It was tasty tasty.

On Friday, we had a zone conference in Guadalajara. The zone meeting went long, and our food appointment was on the other side of our area. We got there at 5pm and I had only eaten a banana and 2 celeries. We were super hungry and she gave us tacos. We are convinced that we both ate 30,000,000 Yay for tacos. 

Even though it seemed like all the people that we talked with just wanted to bible bash, and the rest of the people we went to visit didn't want to listen or weren't there, we still had a good week and we learned a ton. 

There is a quote in Preach My Gospel that talks about how there is no other work in which God worries so much about, except missionary work, and its true. I am so grateful to be able to serve God, and more grateful for everything that he gives us and all the millions of ways that he helps us.

Love you all tons

Elder Hulme.

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