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Monday, September 22, 2014

Be loyal, excited for general conference, teaching bathroom cleaning skills

Hey kids that is some Great stuff.
Simon looks sharp as a devil for Homecoming.
And I love the photos from Timpanogos Caves.

This week was a really good one, and it went by particularly quickly. We had some hard struggles, but I learned a good amount of staying loyal to your word. My patriarchal blessing always tells me to be loyal to what I say, and I am thankful for it. You run into too many experiences where  the appointments you have fall through, or the members you were going to work with don´t show up. If you say you are going to do something. Do it. period. 

Today I got my hair cut, because it was getting really long.

It made real live tears leave my face when I heard that Camille passed away. That is the toughest thing in the world. I cannot even image how they feel. Help them to feel loved. Keep on praying for them and that God may comfort them. 

Is anyone else really excited for General Conference this year? I am. Also the people who talk different languages will have the opportunity to talk in their natural tongue, and they will translate it into English, so that will be interesting. Simon and Julia will interpret for Uchtdorf's talk. Boom.

Albertina is progressing quite well. She has been passing through enough problems in her life. But she makes sure that she is always keeping the commandments; I feel like we all ought to be a bit more like that, even though life can be really tricky. We still know what is right,  and we ought to do it. 

Elder Martinez is super great. He comes from some $$$ (He started his own cell phone business at the age of 15, and it makes a good amount of money, and then he was working at another job before his mission.) In the next little bit I will be teaching him how to clean bathrooms, because he has never learned, but shatters them. Our bathroom is designed really poorly and there is not a shower curtain, so water gets EVERYWHERE, and then when we walk it gets really messy. He is not the first I have taught to clean things.

The fall weather in Utah looks ever so enticing. 

I love you all soooo much

If I were to spend the rest of eternity with one family, it´d be you guys.

(Sure am loving missionary work. and every day I have to think. Would I be making Beaner proud right now? MAKE BEANER PROUD.  Hulme family slogan.

Sure do love and appreciate you mommmmyyyyyy. TAKE CARE. Have lots of fun and eat some real live milkshakes.)

Elder Martinez and I eating Morisqueta. wahoooo.


This is Elder Cardenas (Peru), and Elder Matthews (Brigham City Utah)

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