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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Training Elder Martinez, 7th week in Apatzingan

Don't worry, I am alive. I did get a little bit sick this week, but that is alright.

This week we ate a good amount of tacos, but mainly just some lovely tacos of tripa.
Elder Leon turned 21 this week, and we threw him a 20-minute party and ate cake.

We had a lot of love in church this week. We had 8 investigators, which was quite nice.

This week Elder Solorzano finished his mission, which is quite nuts because he was my first zone leader that I had in the mission. 

On Saturday president Camarillo called me and told me that I was going to train another new missionary. But he always asks that we keep it a secret from our companions. So I was totally on the super sly side until Sunday night when they told us. We got all his bags ready and went to Guadalajara on Monday. We got to Guadalajara on Monday at about 6pm. And we were working in the night. That night there was a whole bunch of missionaries that were going to train, and we stayed up a good while sharing stories. It was good. On Tuesday we had a meeting with president. They gave us a super tasty breakfast (because we hadn´t eaten) and we met with the new missionaries.
My new companion is elder MARTINEZ. (more than 4 letters). Aaaaand he is from Puebla. He likes computers and stuff like that and is a cool cat. We left Guadalajara at 3pm and got to the house at 10pm. 

This week we found some more really great investigators. It is honestly quite nice being in an area where the work is able to progress and where you can find new investigators.

I have been reading in the book of Alma, when Alma and amulek were preaching in a whole bunch of little towns and whatnot. It is interesting that the people were so incredibly cruel back then. Fortunately we don´t see the same kind of cruelty, but at the same time there are plently of people who do not want to accept the gospel. But it helped me to realize that God needs us to preach to everyone, so that everyone can accept the gospel, do the ordinances neccesary and return to his presence.

This week writing and spelling in English has been especially hard.

I ate a sweet potato this week. Golden...

Answering mom's questions:

1. Everyone companionship has a cell phone. They are the same as your old Nokia bricks; they make phone calls and send messages.

2. The tortillas is in a restaurant of a sister.

3. If I felt I had a lack of colors of ties, it would be a nice looking black tie, and green that isn't shiny or super bright. I like all ties. Except pink. 

Sure love you all so much. 


Sometimes you find elders eating cookies, in your bed. Wonderful.

Elder Leon's 21st birthday.

Tacos of tripa

Elder Hulme and Elder Leon

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