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Monday, September 8, 2014

Drug bust, Gospel and foot pain, obedience

This Friday we had to go to Uruapan for a zone meeting. It is a 2 hour bus ride. The bus was pulled over by the police, and there was straight-up a drug bust on our bus. We were there for a good 30 minutes while they pat checked the guy and found a large amount of weed.

Then when we were on our way home, they had shut down the whole entire freeway. We were waiting for a good 2 hours with  a whole bunch of people that were not pleased. The good news is, if you are trafficking drugs, there is a small chance that they will find you. Also the good news is, we are safe as can be.

There is a less active member that we visit occasionally who can relate any gospel subject with foot pain--The atonement, also applies to foot pain. The importance of reading the scriptures... foot pain. 1 Nephi 8... FOOT PAIN. Lessons are really interesting with her.

When you kids forget about me, read D&C 24:10-13. 

This week I made tortillas in the restaurant that we eat in on Tuesdays.
We went to the world's saddest zoo.
I did not eat anything extravagant.

Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with a new family of investigators that we found. They do not belong to any sort of church. They are educated and pay attention in the lessons. They are super loving and kind and accepted baptismal dates. Now alls we gossa do is keep on keeping on and help them progress. 

This week Elder Leon and I did everything possible to be 100 percent obedient. From a suggestion that we had with our mission president, he promised us that if we did it ,we would have the spirit to be with us, just as promised in our baptismal covenant. And honestly, this week was easily the most spiritual that we have had in a good amount of time. It was incredible to be able to see the blessings of God, and to be able to grow my testimony of OBEDIENCE.. Be obedient, even to the smallest things.

In this month's Liahona there is a super good talk about parents keeping their kids away from pornography. I suggest all to read it. Because it was stellarrrrrr.

I know that Christ atoned for every single one of us. I know that through him we all can be cleansed, and that if we rely more on the atonement, we will be able to feel the love that God and his son have for us.

Love you all

Eder Hulme.

Waiting during the drug bust

Still waiting

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