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Monday, December 8, 2014

Nov. 24 - Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings

Hey kids, this week was absolutely wonderful with a whole bunch of work and work and more work. We had some super spiritual lessons, and best of all, we had two baptisms.

There was the baptism of hermana Ana, and it was super nice. It was absolutely wonderful to have an investigator, who we had battled so much to grasp on to the gospel, finally take the biggest step, and be baptized and confirmed. I did the baptizing, and it was a jolly grand time.

Also we had an investigator named Saul. We found him about a month ago. Pretty much I have never met anyone so darn ready to live the gospel. Everything he says and does he just talks about God and how much he wants to get his life closer to God. He pretty much spends all his spare time reading the scriptures,and what not. He was not married (but lived with his wife) when we found him, but we taught him all the lessons, he has been coming to church for a little bit more than a month, and this Thursday Elder Martinez and I were witnesses in his wedding. wahoooo.

The wedding was awesome. We got there at 10:45am and left at 11:03am. So it was fabbbbuloussssth. They took us out to lunch brunch, and then on Saturday he was totally baptized.

Sunday was a super eventful day in the church. We had the confirmation of Ana. I think I forgot to tell you guys: I lead the hymns every week in church. Including, I tell everyone how to sing the first line. So I do a mini solo 3 times every Sunday.

Also our investigator Osiel received the priesthood this Sunday. I got to give the priesthood for the first time. It was really a little bit different than all the other ordinances that I had participated in, but I really enjoyed it. 

Yes Mom, we take care of all of our recent converts. Federico and Mary cruz are doing super well. They are some of my favorites. Federico was telling us how happy he was that he found the gospel, and we are trying to get him all readied up to share his testimony this next fast sunday.

Pretty much I love my life 100%

I know that this church, gospel and priesthood have been restored, that Joseph Smith, was the man called to be the prophet in the restoration, and that my savior lives.

Lots of love

Elder Hulme.

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