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Monday, December 8, 2014

December 1 - Thanksgiving, La Dadiva

This week, I totally got a flew shot.
The worst part about a flew shot, is that it gives you the flu. 
But within three days I was feeling all better, and 1000 percent ready to work.

We also enjoyed a good little Thanksgiving dinner this week. It was provided by the Buan family. He is Filipino, and she is from Apatzingan. They lived their whole lives in the United States. He is an ex military dude from the states, but is taking his retirement here in Mexico. That is what I want to do. Buuut they are pretty much just like having the best of grandparents over here in Mexico. They tell us they we are their new family, and it is just a jolly grand time every time we visit them. They have been coming to church every Sunday and are just rocking it.

This week, I was working in Uruapan for 2 days for some companion exchanges with the zone leaders. We did a whole bunch of walking, and it made me appreciate all the investigators that we have, because we have enough people to teach. 

They also bought us chocolate cake.

La Dádiva - The gift - is the best thing in the world. You all ought to check out the church's page oat  because it is the best. We have started to share it as missionaries, and I loooooove it - it is the best video in the whole world. And if you look closely, within the first couple scenes, after the red shoes, on the red clothes rack, they are totally filming in D.I. You can tell by the little blue price tag, and by the big over-filled racks of Christmas clothes. Pretty much it makes you recognize how loving our Heavenly Father is that he has provided a way for all of us to be saved, for us to be able to return to his presence (spelling is so hard for me these days.)
God Loves you all, Appreciate it, and share that love with others.

I had a dream about simon this week. SCORE.
I ran out of things to write this week.

I sure Love you all, and am especially grateful for all you do.
I know that what I am doing is where God needs me, and that this is his work.

Elder Hulme.

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