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Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas, sharing testimonies

December 29, 2014

I am pretty much just excited to send you guys pictures because we took a ton of funny pictures this week.

After talking with you guys, we headed back to our area, contacted twenty people and went to the house. 
The little toy cars you sent are dangerous, because we play with them all the time, and we have all sorts of fun games. THANKS FOR THE GARRMMIEES. They are so white, and fancy.

Hey mom, I sure am glad to know you think I am cute.

As far as missionary work is concerned, this week was in fact hard. Pretty much no one was ever home, so we did lots of talkiing to people. Aaaaand even though it is hard, it is still worth it. Every night I like to think about what all we did, and if the Lord would be pleased in all that we did that day. 

Thanks for the hymnbook. I really love it, it is the best, I LAYK HYMNS.

One of the best part of being is a missionary is that lots of times a day, we get to share our testimonies. I know that my testimony wasn´t all that strong when I started my mission. But what I could figure out was that to be able to testify, I needed to strengthen it in all forms.  Asking, and praying about specific commandments, thinking, pondering and studying. Something that I have really enjoyed about being a missionary is that we have a chance to be strengthened in bazillions of ways.

The roommates

Pinatas get nutzzz

Elder Jimenez, Elder Garcia


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