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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Superman outfits, great interview with Pres, rosebushlike throat

January 19, 2015

Reader’s disgression (VH-I think he means discretion) advised:

This week was one where there was little work done.
MONDERZ One of our missionaries had some sort of a crazy bulge on his leg (it was gross), and it got pretty bad last Monday, so they were in the hospital getting that all taken care of. They didn´t think that they would be there for long, so they didn´t take anything with them. But he had to be in the hospital for 3 days. Elder Lopez and I got our Superman outfits on, and went and helped them out so they could have fresh clothes, stuff to study, and some super great EFY music from 2003 (sarcasm.) We took a taxi home, and with permission, got home at 9:30. 

TUEZDERZ. Was a pretty normal Tuesday. The kid that was sick is the district leader, so I gave the district meeting that week. He´s got a pretty fun district. It was just a normal day. 

WEDNEZDERZ. Every 3 months, President Camarillo has interviews with all of the missionaries. It was our turn. The role of the zone leaders with the interviews is: the night before, we must find where we are going to do the interviews, at what time, and how fast the pres. is going to do them. We also set up the order of when everyone will be interviewed and give the missionaries the list of all they have to bring.
Then on the day of, we have to revise/check all of their area books, daily planners, and Spanish/English study books. We got there at 7am, left at 4:30pm, and ate at 5.

I had an absolutely lovely interview with President Camarillo; it was one of the best parts of the week. When we started my interview, he pulled out his iPad, and pulled up the picture where dad carved my face into a pumpkin. Dad, my mission president thinks you are ingenious and a super artist. So that is a good compl(i/e)ment.

THURZDERZ. I woke up feeling a bit sickly. We did a whole bunch of walking, and at about 7pm I felt terrible. I was told to get a thermometer and some medicine and to go home and rest. We got home at 8. I had a fever of 39celsius,(bummer ted) and my throat was awfully rosebushlike (spikey). 

FRIDERZ--. I went to the clinic-like place to get checked up, and my super mega tonsel tonsil tonsuls were mega swoll, and covered in a nasty pus. Turns out I got a pretty good throat and ear infection. They prescribed me about a gallon of medicine, and told me I had to rest for 3 days.

SUNDERZ    These three days were boring, fevered up in bed sleeping and reading. It was funny because every night this week from Thursday, I woke up in the middle of the night in a mad sweat, and my sheets always had a huge Elder Hulme print in them. Gross. Time to wash sheets. 

On Sunday night we got the list of the exchanges for the whole zone and got everything all prepared for the whole zone to come and go. My child, Elder Martinez, is now in the zone, so I am super excited to see him a lot more.

MONDERZ We were in the bus station all morning long, helping missionaries not get lost, and making sure there was order. We got back at 2pm, and cleaned the house to the ground. Right now I feel like 100bux because I can get to work again. Elder Lopez and I have lots of plans to get lots done.
Good news... God answers prayers. I am pretty much 100% cured.
The best news: The gospel has been restored. We have proof of it, written in a small lil book of 520 pages. We have a living prophet and we can have the ever so important priesthood in our lives. I know it.
I am really sorry to hear about Becky. That is too bad. I will keep them in the prayers.
I hope this letter doesn´t sound like I am complaining, I am really happy.

Long letter. Sorry.
Elder Hulme, Occasionally disguised as DOCTOR HULme, pill popping siempre.

Once while I was sleeping they dressed up one of our favorite members as a super gangster. NOE IS IN DA HOUSE

Gross tonsils

1000mg = 1 gram. Super massive pill
I don't know what Amoxicillin is, but it seems to work.

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