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Sunday, January 18, 2015

So many tacos, cybers, accordion, I want to be a baker

I eat so many tacos, I can't believe it.

Mom had questions about what cybers are like. But pretty much, you have to understand about how all of Mexico is like. For the most part, there are not any rules if you are going to open up your own business. If you have the space, you can do whatever kind of selling, renting, or trafficking as you please. Soooo, lots of stores and little joints to buy things are just people's houses, where they take what would be the garage/parking space and sell things there. 

The cyber we usually use has about 15 computers. It is where all the gamers come, and they just lather in their chubbiness and it is the funniest. Rarely is it full, but if it is full, we just go and look for a different one. The nice part about not having rules, is that there are cybers and little stores and everything you need on just about every 6 blocks.

This week was good. Last night I played an accordion, so what else could you want in a week?
We have a super sweet investigator who has an accordion. He is 18 years old, and is totally named Luis. He got to know the church a long time ago, but has just started coming to church with us. He has 2 years playing the accordian and is super totes mega hipster. 
He invited us to eat hamburgers.

Yesterday I ate MOLLEJA which as far as my dictionary says, it is gizzard. Lets just say, I would not recommend it to absolutely anyone. 

If you ever have stomach problems, in which nothing wants to leave, buy a whole bunch of raisins, and you are good in about 6 hours.

We have an investigator named Roman. He is a baker, and every time we visit him, it makes me want to be a baker. This week I was on divisions with a new elder from Spokane Washington. We went with the baker, and I fell in love (with the thought of being a baker, not with the baker.)

We are seeing certain challenges in the zone, but we are working our booties off to get everything all taken care of. 

Sure love you all.

I have had a cold all week, so pretty much I have been looking rudolf-esque, but now I am feeling healthy and strong strong. 

Luis plays the accordion

Oli plays the accordion

This is my new t shirt I got today. I am pleased.

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