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Monday, January 5, 2015

Leadership counsel, divisions in Tonala, I get cold a lot

January 5, 2015

Well this week, once again, passed by super quick. Yes, on New Years Eve and on the first, we had to be in our houses at 7pm, so that is not too much fun but we lived through it.
On Tuesday, we had the monthly leadership counsel in which we talk about all the needs of the mission and what we are going to do to help. We also get a good little review of what we will be talking about in the zone meeting. 

On Friday we had the zone meeting. It was a bit chaotic at first because they have to send what we are going to teach to our emails, but they sent it at 8:30pm, and there were no cybers open. We thought maybe we could find one on Friday morning; well, we couldn´t. Luckily some missionaries found a cyber and helped us out. So it all went well.
On the same day, I did divisions with one of our district leaders in my old district of Tonala. We went to the church and did a baptismal interview. Pretty much it was rad to see a whole bunch of old friends, and within 20 minutes, a family invited us to eat tamales. Tamales are a good thing.
We have been nuts busy. I wrote in my journal this morning and realized that I had not written since the 26th of December, and that was pretty wild.
In the cyber right now, they are listening to some old classy 80´s dream rock. It is petty darn funny.
Right now we are in the process of helping a  recent convert get the melchizedek priesthood. It is a fun route, but it is pretty wild, because he didn´t know hardly anything about it. He is progressing quite well. For a little bit, he thought that being ordained an elder was going to make him a full-time missionary like us, and he was all fuzzled about how he was going to take care of his family being a full-time missionary and all. We explained it all to him, AND ALL IS WELL.
I never thought I´d feel cold over here. I get cold a lot.
Sure do love you all 
Elder Hulme.

la zona


el amado pedro

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