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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zone activity, Esther

February 16, 2015

This week was a good one, full with a good large amount of trials. BUT WE LOVE Life.

We bought a super huge giant pizza, so that was a good thing.

Today was one of the busiest days of my life. We cleaned the house super thorough, held the zone activity - full of about 40 minutes of playing soccer as a zone, and then a scavenger hunt that Elder Lopez and I arranged full of crab walks, leap frog, follow the prophet, (everyone with their eyes closed except the prophet) and pizza. Not the whole zone could go, but those that were there had a good time. 

We had a super miracle yesterday. We have an investigator who has been coming to church every single week. We have taught him all of the missionary lessons about 103 times, and his wife is a member. We had invited and invited and invited him to be baptized. We had a lesson with him and his wife this Sunday after church for like the billionth time. We talked about how to receive an answer from the Holy Ghost, but there was something different this time. The spirit was ever so strong, it made tears fall out of your eyeballs. At the end of the lesson there was a super silence, we asked him what he thought, and he said, I want to be baptized, I´m ready. So now we have just got to get everything all lined up for his baptism for this week.

I really love this gospel. The happiest moments in my life have been those in which the Holy Ghost is testifying in a small room with 2 missionaries, 1 investigator, on occasion a member, and the strongest presence of the Holy Ghost. It has an effect on me that afterward I cannot quit smiling - where I can forget the moments that have happened and it just rocks my world. 

We have another investigator, who has had about 1400 baptismal dates, and every time we get one all set up, some sort of catastrophe happens. This week he had to go on a super quick business trip to Colima Mexico and totally ruined everything, but that is alright. God’s team always wins. 

Glad to hear that there are some new bikes running around the house. Now I just hope that you kids ride them; ride their guts out. 

Unfortunately, I did not eat anything crazy or weird this week.

TODAY I am about as tired as I have ever been. I feel like we have ran everywhere and there is just a whole bunch of thoughts feelings and everything going on in my brain. 

I read a little bit of the story of Esther this week. If only we could all have as much faith as she had, fast the way she fasted, and be cool like Ester.

I love this gospel, church, I love being able to thank and ask my heavenly father for blessings, and that he always listens. I know that Christ lives, and that he directs this church.

Elder Hulme.

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