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Monday, January 6, 2014

Baptism, New Toilet Seat (Last letter from Morelia)

December 30, 2013

XANDER'S GETTING MARRIED. I teared up when I read that and I don't even know why, but really Xander I'm so excited for you. I'll let you know all that in your own email. but wahooooo.

Seeing all you crazy kids on Christmas was the best, it was so killer and super fun to see you guys. And also I'm really glad that you guys have used the tortilla maker. That pleases me, and I hope that the art is mastered by the time I get home, so I can never quit living in Mexico, or just so I can continue in my tortilla intake.

Saturday we had our baptism for JCP. It was awesome, Elder Lux did the dunkin', and someone in the ward did the confirmation, For converts we do the confirmation in sacrament meeting on Sunday. I honestly was super giddy and smiley for quite a while, and it was awesome to see JCP make this change in his life. That night I was thinking a lot about miracles. Miracles are good things to have. At the beginning of the month our zone leaders asked us for our baptismal goal for december, we said zero, because we had no prospects. They then gave us a "planch" (planchar means to iron in spanish, the equivalent would be a lecture), so they planched us, and we were like okay, well we'll have our goal be 1, but hopefully God knows who we are going to baptize because we sure don't. And then we found JCP not too long after. It honestly was a miracle, and just to spice things up, his parents will probably be baptized in 3 weeks. WAHOO.

This week we had divisions again, I get pretty sick of divisions, but the missionary manual says we have to do them. 

Meals are really different here. This morning I ate KFC at 10am. So that was different. This morning, we had extreme home make-over bathroom edition. Well not really, but we installed our new toilet seat. This one is not foamy with gross rips in it, and I am stoked to use it, (sorry for the potty talk, but not that sorry, you guys like it.)

How on earth did Erich Gublers 2 years already finish? That blows my mind, but that sounds like a cool sacrament meeting with all those missionary happenings, and that is interesting that Elder Palmer and his sister will be serving in the same state. Speaking of states, when people hear you are from Utah, they ask you if you know someone, and I always end up explaining that Utah is well a state, with thousands and thousands of people and that I probably don't know that person, but it's good. 

Hey also thanks for the Christmas gifts. The yoyo is a bit dangerous because sometimes yoyo-ing is a way better option than studying, but I have learned a lot of self control, I think I have a picture of all the goodies I have, seriously thanks, you guys HOOKED a brother up. 

Well, I sure hope that all your weeks are super great. 


--elder Hulme..

Also if anyone of you ever get the chance to read Johns story of the atonement, I think its in John 18-20 give or take, it's super great.

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