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Monday, January 20, 2014

First week in Tonala, scriptures are the coolest

Hahaaaa, I do lots of laughing in my brain lately. Here is a list of silly things about my new companion. Stares at me, when I change, when I study, for multiple minutes - it's really uncomfortable. Moves a ton when he walks, somehow moving both arms in different directions, his head, his knees and ankles and face. It's silly. The best way to put it is he lacks a ton of social grace, I feel a bit bad for the dude, but he is very bold and strong headed, even when wrong, so it levels out. Has 3 suits (still don't know why).

Tonalá is the name of my new area. Its different, the people live a lot more humbly, and don't have much. Pretty much every day I am thankful for what I've got. But Tonala is a little artisan town on the outskirts of Guadalajara. I think my president is playing mindtricks with me, because he knows that I want to serve in Guadalajara, so he says we'll put him real close. Today we went to the downtown part where there is a ton of super rad little shops, cool hand made mugs and plates and beautiful things. Also there is a part of our area where we overlook Guadalajara, which is so incredibly massive.  There are few asphalt streets--mostly dirt or these really spiky rocks--so there is tons of dust everywhere which makes for very dirty boogeys. Also it is a lot more warm here. Morelia was the coldest thing in the world. 

My companion is from Mexico City. He is 18 years old, he was born in the covenant, his parents are converts, his younger brother is 17. He does have a girlfriend. I made him buy a watch today. He is skinny and sheds about as much hair as Decca. Man I am funny. No but he is good. Patience is a goood thing to have in the mission. Mine has definitely improved, and I still lack a lot.

I honestly don't have too many great stories from this week. I'm trying to get to know my area as quick as I can, but I've already got the majority of the buses that we use, and know a lot of the people, but there is tons of stuff to work on.

Let's just get one thing right, the scriptures are the coolest and everyone should spend more time in them. Everyone have good weeks, that is an order.

Love you all a lot. 

Elder Hulme

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