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Monday, January 20, 2014

Starfie's twin, Lord sent gold, twisted ankle

*This week we did some visits with a member by the name of H. Meza. He drives a 1992 mazda b2600. It's in a lot worse condition than Starfire, but a lot of the interior is identical. It was super fun to be in that lump of steel again. I love you Starfie.
*This week I did a lot of studying in 1st Corinthians. 1Cor. 13 is a cool short chapter, it just talks about how charity is suuuuper important, BE CHARITABLE.
*you can buy 2 heads of brocolli, a bunch of carrots, 2 jicamas, 4 cucumbers, a head of lettuce, 3 tomatoes and 3 apples for 30 pesos if you do it right.
* The 2nd package that  you sent did not come. I have a feeling that it isn't going to make it. The Copes sent me a christmas card and an amazing CD. Someone please tell them they are the coolest.
*This week we were doing some less active member hunting. We made a huge list and went out searching. We also were doing everything possible to find new investigators, seeming as we have few, and none are willing to do anything to change their lives. Finally, the Lord sent us some gold. We were searching for a less active sister, and we could not find her house. We asked a neighbor and then started to chat with him. His name is Eduardo. We introduced the gospel and he said that we could come back on Sunday. We went yesterday, talked with him about the restoration, and it was amazing. Once again, this is another person where alcohol had caused some large problems in his life and he is ready to change. But this man, this man seems special to me I don't know why. I can't wait for our next lesson with him. 
* Things are going well with my companion. I have figured out strategies to make things work, and oddly enough, time is passing by really quickly, despite the lack of investigators. The elders before me would just waste up to 3 hours in the houses of the members. When my companion told me this I said, oh well that is great and that is exactly what we are not going to do.
*This week i finally convinced my companion to go running with me. We got up early and went running, and after about 15 minutes, I stepped poorly and twisted my ankle reallll good. I was really frustrated, but it feel pretty good now, so hopefully we'll be able to start up again this week. 

Well it seems like you guys are all pretty darn busy getting things all set up for the wedding and the bike shop. Best of luck to you all. Love you all tons.

L derrrr hume hume hume

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