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Friday, March 7, 2014

Alfajor, Investigator from Texas, Cars in Mexico, Studying Holy Ghost

Food of the week: alfajor. It is the best coconut candy treat in the world. I found out about it when I had divisions with Elder Verdugo a long time ago, but it is some tasty stuff. 

This week was pretty different, we had a lot of ups and downs. We still struggle with people that are not married, we had 4 investigators who aren't married in sacrament meeting this week, and it is tricky because they cannot progress if they are not married.

Also we had a family home evening with the Pacheco Hernandez family. At the end the mom asked us if it was a problem If they weren't married. I was about ready to punch a whole in the wall, but as we investigated a bit more, we confirmed that YES they are married LEGALLY. We had clarified it earlier, but she thought she had to be married into the church before.

This week we talked a lot with people on the streets and what not. People are cool and fun to talk with, it is incredible to hear the stories and different ways that people think about Things. We have one investigator who used to live in a mansion in Texas, had a Rolls Royce and a Mercedes Benz, he has a degree in Quantum Physics, and knows 5 languages. He got sick of the greed and the ridiculousness of the people, left everything and now sells water in Mexico. I like to talk to him, because nothing worldly matters to him. Now he just helps people out. He has read a ton of books, and distracted the bishop beyond all belief in the gospel principles class yesterday. 

Mom you asked about the cars. I saw a lot more cool cars in Morelia, the coolest are some of the Peugeots, Audi has a few models that don't exist in the states, as well as Renault, but maybe it is just cool because they don't exist in the states.

Stuff the sisters left behind when we traded houses with them.

I've been studying a lot about the Holy ghost. When we recieve the gift of the holy ghost and when we fullfill our part of the covenant we are promised his company. If we have his company he will always be there ready to tell us what to do, who to talk with, what not to do and what to say. But, being the carnally minded humans that we are, a lot of times we are too dense to realize these promptings. I have been working a lot to be more keen to the promptings of the spirit and to always have the spirit more in my life.

How is the family prayers going? DO THEM!

Sure love you all a lot. And really count your blessings, becasue the Lord treats us well.

elmers Glue.

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